Want to get your entire team focused on the big picture and ROI?

Work with D and her partner and husband, Justin Verrengia. They are more than just a lovely husband and wife duo. They have the skills and the team to help you create quick high-yielding expansions! Having successful teams and advising many others on team growth, they work with people from all over the world. As certified practitioners in VALUES ELICITATION and TIME LINE THERAPY® they share unique yet highly effective methods to achieving results that last.

A few of the services D and her partner offer:

  • Consultation- Have D take you by the hand of what your business can do on social media. See studies up close on similar businesses and the clearest blueprint of your business.
  • Sales Team Coaching- With their certifications in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy® both D and her partner Justin bring a unique approach to business sales with lasting results.
  • Values Elicitation- Get the entire team on the same page with what matters to you and your bottom line. Train your team to whatever is most important on your values.
  • Time Line Therapy®- Eliminate any and all fears indefinitely. This is a game-changer practice that takes full cooperation on both the client’s and the practitioner’s behalf.

Have a business that is not online yet?

D and her partner have classes to train your teams when you hire them! Let’s talk! Fill out the form below to get started.


Have a small budget? With expert advice you can scale bigger, faster!

Every business owner knows lead cost per acquisition is important. Especially if you want to scale up anytime in the future. Get to know your market and speak their language with a blueprint designed for you and your business.

You can also hire D for video scripts to create rapid awareness to your brand.

Small Businesses Services:

  • Social Media Takeover- Have D revamp and update the communication to one of your social media profiles.
  • Ad writing- Have D utilize her certification in Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming to write three highly effective ads to help you attract the right clients.
  • Performance Coaching- Every companies success depends on the performance of its people. That’s why D uses enhanced coaching to do this in a way to improve current behaviors which increase ROI in the future.


Your audience will love D for your next keynote event!

Hire D to speak at your events. She will not only inspire the audience, they will get so much value as she delivers straight content. Leave the fluff for the marshmallows. D gives dictations that are clear, easy to implement and high yielding on results.

Expect D to arrive early to your speaking engagement, to stay the duration as requested and to interact, answer questions and take pictures with the crowd. She has a way about her that makes people feel welcome and she loves doing it!

As an added bonus, D will teach your audience how to create viral sustainability using your event hashtags and keywords. More publicity to your event!

Example Keynotes for your event:

  • Bliss Out Your Social Media- Approx. 1 hr to 1 hr 15 minutes all about increasing engagement and brand awareness on social media communities like Facebook.
  • Building High Level Clientele, Using Social Media- In this 45 – 60 minute presentation D shares how to build a client base with a high ticket product or service.


Create new habits easily and effortlessly!

From quitting smoking to weight loss to PTSD there really isn’t anything the unconscious mind can’t do! With her certifications in Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy® and Neuro Linguistic Programming D is well equipped to help you overcome the toughest challenges!

With a 100% success rate her clients are living proof that anyone can have, be and live the way they want to.

Personal sessions can be held via Skype, the phone, or in person. Within minutes you can alleviate pains, establish clarity and go out at life a whole new you.

Do note: There is a 4 hour minimum when booking a personal hypnosis or 1 on 1. D is thorough and her process ensures your long term success.


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