Which Advertising Method Is Right For My Business?

By April 14, 2015Marketing

One of the most commonly asked questions I get from students, and entrepreneurs is, “what form of advertising do you do?”

As if my reply is the answer they’ve been searching for to get their business to the next level.

When in reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Just because someone has a lucrative business and you’d like to model from them, doesn’t mean doing it exactly how they did is right for you and your business.

Imagine my dismay when I learned this the hard way…

It was over 5 years ago, and I was knocking on doors, and putting up signs in luxury neighborhoods. In hopes someone would see my advertisement and together we would ride off into the money banks fantasy.

Not only did the communities take my signs down, people were now answering the door telling me they just didn’t have time to hear my pitch.

Well, that failed epically.

I then upgraded to roaming Wal-Mart’s and going to restaurants (LOL!), not to eat, but to go to business meetings.

It was a nightmare…or so I thought, but the real nightmare was yet to come.

My mentor, was teaching how to do three-way calls and although he had made a seven figure income doing this technique, I didn’t take into account it was done twenty years ago…

Times change, people evolve, and so does the way business is done.

Yet there I was, on the phone day and night, hating every second of it.

the person who thinks of tomorrow in business is wise

Although traditional network marketing may not be for me, I learned a few valuable lessons from my experience.

Here are just a few:

    1) Just because someone made a ton of money doing something, doesn’t mean it’ll work for you and your business.
    2) Three-ways calls in network marketing just suck. I don’t care what anyone says. It sucks
    3) Your income is a direct reflection of how many you people you HELP not SELL. Understanding this difference helped my mind expand, and the way I looked at business relationships changed forever.
    4) Not all paid advertising is created equal.
    5) Cold traffic and warm traffic are two completely different ball games and anyone who tells you different is straight up lying.
    6) The rate at which your business grows is not related to your market reach but the amount of products you sell and at what price. Some price points work better for certain niches or products and testing this can help you be more profitable quickly.

Before you begin paid advertising. First things first, you gotta know are you going warm or cold?

And I don’t mean the temperature you like your green tea.

Warm traffic is an audience that is familiar with you already. Be it via social networks like Facebook or via email correspondence.

Cold traffic is an audience that doesn’t know you at all and are just seeing your advertisement or offer for the first time. Keep in mind, over time cold traffic can become warm.

Understanding this helped me save a ton of money on paid ads.

I first tested cold traffic.

There goes over five grand in the toilet.

Flushed, gone forever.

Lesson learned?

Never spend all your ad budget on one form of advertising.


So then I begin to dabble into warm traffic strategies.


Now, let’s do business.

Warm traffic works for my business.

People watch my videos, read my blogs, and know that I’m a real person.

Do I claim to have the magic sauce?

Well, yes. LOL! I’m kidding!

What I do have is vision.

A clear vision of freedom that people either relate to or they don’t.

This is how you communicate to a warm market.

By being clear.

This guide is meant to share a perspective to paid advertising you wouldn’t know unless you spent a bunch of money figuring it out.

Next few posts on this topic will get into some various types of paid advertising.

Before you dive into, on this page, ask yourself the question.

Am I going warm or cold?

From there, then you can follow the advice in this guide here on my blog and go for it!

What’s the worse that can happen if you reach for the stars?

You may land right on the moon!

When you get there, tell the man I said, “Hi”! 😉

With love,

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