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What's The Difference Anyway?

We all log onto the same social media platforms everyday. Yet while some people are crushing out their score on games, some of us are building lucrative businesses.

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So you’ve got an idea, a product you want to sell or a service you are offering.

You do what most of us would do and post it on your wall, thinking all of your friends and family, who have supported you your whole life will be the first to engage and even check out your new endeavor.

But the opposite happens right?

Post that you lost your job and everyone will be sorry for you, and tons of people will post their condolences.

Post to the same audience you have started a business and it becomes so quiet, you begin to wonder if the algorithms are showing your posts to anyone at all.

Why is that?

It All Comes Down To Targeting.

Some social media communities allow you to place ads to a defined audience. These communities we will refer them to as, “pay to play.”

Here, with so many businesses advertising, “pay to play” communities will only show them what has been targeted for them.

Imagine, being able to get so specific on who you are targeting that you can show your content, to people looking for your product. How much easier would it be to make sales?

I remember how na├»ve I was when my mentor asked me, “who is your ideal customer D?”

Without hesitation I replied, “everybody really!”

I remember him smiling and then asking me, “who would you like to work with?”

Oh! I never thought about it that way.

Be More Specific.

Up until he asked me, I was positive everyone was my ideal customer. As long as they were willing to learn and implement what they learn, I thought hey they are perfect!

But when he asked, Who I wanted to work with? That question sparked something different in me.

I then began looking at it entirely differently.

I then defined I wanted to work with women, who are mothers, own a business or are looking to start one. Who speak English, have access to the internet, and are in a position to either invest time or resources.

Whoa D, that’s a lot more defined than my original, “my product is great for everyone!” approach.

The real test will be the engagement on my content

The Moment Of Truth

So the first ad goes live and now I am just sweating with anticipation.

Will my ad work? Did I choose the right audience? Was I too defined? Am I going to lose?

Well, as expected, that ad failed but I got great data!

Here’s what I learned, the more defined I was on who I would like to target, the more conversions I got.


You mean to tell me not everyone wants to buy my product? Yep, that’s exactly correct.

But there are people who do, you just have to communicate directly with them.

That’s why when you place a cute photo of your neighbors cat, your notifications blow up but when you post about your new product, only your boyfriend comments, and everyone knows you are signing into his account. LOL!

What's The Solution?

Get familiar with the business side of these pay to play communities.

Here are ten simple steps you can do to start connecting with people who are looking to buy what you are offering.

  1. Get a fanpage, they are free, and use it to represent your business, brand, or product.
  2. Create a website to send traffic.
  3. Define who the ideal person is you would like to work with.
  4. Invite your current audience, and lists to Like and Follow your fanpage for updates.
  5. Regularly post new content.
  6. Join a like-minded community to hold yourself accountable.
  7. Write new emails regularly.
  8. Reply to comments and private messages.
  9. Find & attend events to connect with like-minded business owners.
  10. Follow and engage with content that inspires you.

You Are Not Alone.

The worst feeling when you are building a business is doing so alone.

I can’t even begin to tell you what a difference it makes being able to step inside of our Women’s Circle share what is working and connect to other women who are building businesses online.

The internet opens an array of possibilities to us as business owners.

Most people though, have no idea how to utilize it.

To some, these ten steps could appear too simple.

That is where assumptions could shoot you in the foot.

Don’t negate the science of simplicity.


Do you think your audience wants to be confused as they are going through your content?

With all the distractions in our lives, flashing pop ups online, and businesses closing their doors left and right. I find it’s important to know what is actually working when it comes to generating traffic online.

That’s why I am so grateful for the people who have joined our circle. It’s entirely free to join. But I have bad news.

Sorry fellas, it’s women only.

Back in the day, our circle would have been open to everybody and anybody. But as I developed more skills in marketing I realized I am most comfortable around an audience that when I unsnap my bra they understand and aren’t trying to figure out what size I am. LOL!

Our circle is currently accepting new members.
Join our women’s circle:

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Here’s to unlocking the door to new possibilities.

Love and Light,