How often do you try something new?

When's the last time you tried something new?

How often do you try something new?

And I’m not talking about scorpion on a stick, still wiggling, a delicacy street food in many parts of Asia.

I’m referring to things like:
When’s the last time you’ve changed the shampoo you use?
Or switched up the way you spent Monday morning?
When’s the last time you learned a new language? Even a word?

Here’s why I ask:
I work with a lot of people.
I’m not just talking about the people who want to treat their family to Bali this June.
I am also speaking of the confused young adult who is actually strong, the tired person who says enough is enough.

See, there’s a decision that we all must face.
It’s, when am I going to believe I deserve to step into my power?
For that’s the REAL truth about success.
Your belief, and even lack of, can influence your life and your experiences.

Here, let me tell you a story.
I was fresh outta high school with a crisp remembrance of high hopes and big dreams.
She was going to be a star!
Well, long story short…I ended up waiting tables, to make due.
I remember struggling to pay tuition, books, fees; which later I loss due to my dropping out.
I still had a dream….
So anyway, I didn’t tell you WHY I dropped out.

I was studying to become a nurse…and although I absolutely love helping others, the sight of blood, and hospital gear, just give me the heeby jeebies.
I know, you have a lot to go before you actually step foot and begin to practice, BUT it was my own brief past experiences with hospitals that freaked me out.
I still have a dream.
I’ll never forget that day.

When I began writing my first book. It was chilly outside with a strong breeze here in Florida and I knew to just give it away.
Give what away?
The profits of my book.
Not just 10%, or 50%, or 70%.
All of it.

Because, not in all situations does “more money” change the person you are… more so it allows you to be more of who you really are.
It can help give someone one more chance to figure it out.
Something you may not know about me. I grew up in the church.
Not your confessional type but the girl in the choir, at church 3-5 days in a 7 day week.
Anyway, one day as the deacons began to take Sunday tithe; my mom gave me some money.
I remember playing with the money, looking at it through the light, folding it multiple times. lol hey! I was a curious kid!
My mother then looked at me and said these words, “what one hand gives, the other must not know.”

And looked at my hand.
I then shoved the money into hand, and didn’t let one part of it escape until the deacon came to our row.
That day at church taught me something powerful about giving.
So here I am, a grown woman with a child of my own.
I won’t always know what to do.
And sometimes mommy’s kiss is better than a bag of ice.
There is one thing I can do though.
I can show her.

Somehow the universe always is one step ahead – and here is our dear friend Miguel, in our inbox.
He is a phenomenal human being and when a crowd of several thousand stood to cheer for him, he asked them to stop, to allow his message to speak for itself.
This act reminded me of that time in church with my mom.
He’s a super humanitarian who works extensively bringing awareness and providing aid to others in countries of need.
J. Miguel has reached out to us with an idea, for us to work together in this endeavor.

I’m so excited!
Finally! Now we can all work TOGETHER to help others live a pleasurable life.
I’ll be posting more often about ways you can help too!
From joining a group of support medical staff, to filing a non-profits paperwork…there are things we all can be doing to help out.
So I’m a wimp, and I’ve seen too many Frankenstein movies with pliers as a medical device… it doesn’t mean I can’t go to hospital, give my time, listen to them, and play, and learn and laugh.
So can you!!

..Oh, I never told you what my dream was that whole time!
To help people from all over the world, help them live where necessities like food, water, shelter, can be plentiful. To help them safely enter a system that educates them on personal development and imagination. A system that encourages rather than singles out. To help people who feel mentally enslaved break free from the chains that bind them. I’m not talking about a business, honey. I’m talking about freedom for humanity!

When's the last time YOU tried something new?

This photo brings that vision to life!
They say it over and over, “the revolution will not be televised“.
I’m telling you, “watch this space. It is already here“.
Now here’s the thing.
You’ll have excuses on why you can’t spend a week, or offer your time, or donate… and that’s fine.
If you’re unwilling to switch up something like your shampoo I can’t expect you to switch up the way you think too.
There’s nothing that makes me so different from you.
Remember, we are all ignorant.
Just on different subjects.

Much love,