Three Keys to Driving Social Media Traffic


Every day some one asks me how I turned $150K into $1.5 million and counting.

Before I tell you exactly how I am doing it, I want you to understand I was never the “make it rain” type when it came to advertising.

When I started my business.. to be quite honest, I didn’t have the money to do paid advertising in the first place. I had to learn how to leverage platforms that were within my budget or cost-free. And those techniques, the ones that require you to leverage time rather than monetary investment, are not usually the quickest when it comes to scalability.

Later, I will share where you can go to learn my top cost-effective social media shortcuts – but right now I would like to talk to the women who are looking to scale up, BIG and fast!

That’s the thing though. Society will have you believe that success has to be this long treacherous route where no one comes out. Not only is that false it is probably the reason most people fail. They expect themselves to.

For years now, my team has been posting long story ads to connect with our audience. Imagine how awesome we felt when one of the top social media platforms in the world released a marketing update that told its advertisers, in not so many words, “hey, long story ads rock!”.

Today’s consumer is being rushed with constant stimulation. From our phones to all other digital innovations, our minds are always logged on and online. Far more people are utilizing social media to connect – and now to advertise.

They now are beginning to see the potential. But this is a whole new world.

Ask yourself: Would you like to drive more sales to your offer? Would it benefit you to learn how to attract the type of people who are ready to buy so you can focus on working with the right people?

If you answered YES to either question then pay attention. I have an exclusive offer for you but before I share what it is, I want to tell you exactly how I continue to connect to the right people using social media. There are three key points that you must know.

The three keys you must know about driving tons of traffic on social media.

1. Your leads and prospects are real people with real problems.

Sometimes online, through the websites and profile pictures, it can be hard to remember the prospect on the other side didn’t wake up with the hopes of being sold a product. Understanding your target audience is a delicate balance of communication and vision. Learn to listen. Making sales like clockwork will be easy when you present your product as the solution.

2. Every great player needs a coach.

Stephen Curry can run up and down the court with the best of them but it is the coach’s job to make sure the team supports and encourages him to be even better. It is my understanding in this, that my team and I apply laser focus on every client. That’s the advantage of investing over a hundred thousand in advertising. We have the data. So that means you don’t have to figure it all out for yourself. You can use our tested formulas and take the short cut to success.

3. A cup must be empty before it can filled again.

I heard a story once when my husband and I used to live in China. There was this Kung Fu master who would only choose new students once a year. If you didn’t make it on that day then oh well, you would have to wait till next year. So this particular young man was the first one present when that special day came around. Each prospective student meets with the master alone and it is then they can show the master what they know and how good they are. He was so excited. When the master asked him, what do you know? The man began to rattle off all the different forms he has learned. The master interrupted him and sent him on his way.

Although he was disappointed, he continued to train hard the for the next year. When that day came again, the same thing happened. The master asked him what do you know? He told the master what he knew and the master sent him on his way.

Now, seven years of this and he was beginning to swell with finding out why. He found out where the master would stop every day under his favorite tree to meditate and surely then he would find out. So he waited. As the master approached, he instantly asked, “Why master? Why don’t you pick me?” The master looked at the man surprised, for he didn’t know the man had such passion. As he walked beneath the tree the master replied, “What is the point of having a student who knows everything?”

What do you think?

I know, I know!! Some of you reading this will say, Yea right those three keys are too easy! I used to think that way too.

You can either take notes and implement it for yourself and see or you can continue to stay where you are. That is the beauty of life. The choice. The choice to be or not be is up to us.

I understand not everyone has access to the right information when it comes to building a business on social media.

The cool thing is, with how easy the internet makes connecting this is your chance to ask me any questions when it comes to marketing and social media. I always reply, and am ready to help you implement what is working today.


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Shout out to Kyle Lance O'Brien for the image.

Shout out to Kyle Lance O’Brien for the image.

Remember, in order to get what you want, you have to be able to see it first.

Photo courtesy of Kyle Lance O’Brien of Motion Minds.