The Social Media Takeover

By April 2, 2015Marketing

As business continues to evolve in 2015, social media is a large factor to its growing span.

Take for instance, women owned businesses. In some niches, women have an even larger influence than men. In some, we invest more, and produce more profits for employees.

So what does this mean for your business and its connection through social media?

It’s a gold mine!

Regardless of what niche you’re in, social media can help increase revenue, increase consumer reach and design a brand culture that is self sustaining.

On my last webinar, Bliss Out Your Social Media, I went into detail about the effective ways to brand your business on a social media community like Facebook and turn your profile into a sales machine.

It was pretty cool. I was on live, which is always awesome, answering questions, saying hello and sharing what I know about forming a business image from what you love.

BIG welcome to the students who decided now is a time for something new!!

Our classes begins soon and I’m truly pumped for you.

Were you on last night’s webinar? Post your thoughts below.

by the coast in Playa Bonita, Panama

For the next several weeks I’ll be posting an in-depth guide with case studies about paid advertising.

I’m talking about the things you wish you knew BEFORE you spend even more money than you need to.

When it comes to advertising, you’ll have to be clear from the beginning.

This is by no means, the magic sauce to instant wealth.

Rather, a realistic look into how to approach advertising.

I like to think of it like gambling.

You don’t walk into the casino with the rent money hoping to be only person in the last 4 years who has hit jackpot…

You go in with a cool demeanor and a calm mind that this money, a different form of energy, doesn’t break you if you lose it….

In my experience, when you can clearly look at paid advertising objectively, it is then and only then you can succeed long term with it.

This is for you if:

    -you have allocated an ad budget or are open to learning how to create an ad budget based on net profit
    -you fully understand and take full responsibility for your own results. There are many factors to the examples and case studies through out this guide.
    -have allocated at least 6 months of ad spend.
    -have a business model that can handle scaling up in large numbers within short periods.At first glance, everyone says, “yea!” until they can’t handle the load and turn customer satisfaction out the window. Don’t let this be you…evaluate if you’re business can take it first.

I make no guarantees that you will be the next Bruce Lee of paid ads and the hoes will flock around you in bikinis in a private plane on your way to Fiji…

I can only promise, that if you put in work, and use this guide to structure your own campaigns, you can find surprising results with consistency.

As I release the articles, I’ll add dates and any guest writer information.

I’ll be going over this in-person, at the Women Of Bliss brunch and so much more.

You can learn more about the Women Of Bliss by clicking here.

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The Social Media Takeover

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Putting The Pieces Together

I’m really excited to be putting this guide together and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and read your comments.

With love and light,