The Power Of Vision

D Verrengia
“She’s too girly.”

“She smiles a lot.”

“Why is she always in such a playful mood?”

“She can’t be that positive all the time, can she?”

“How dare she cry on stage.”

“C’mon, she can’t possibly get results being that emotional.”

“I don’t even understand her.”

“No one is taking a woman that feminine seriously, are they?”

I have heard each of the lines above referenced to me or about me.

I have never been the type of person to hide how I was feeling.

It started years ago as a child.

I remember thinking I had to hide the way I felt and not show it, in order to repel bad things from happening to me.

But even as a child, I was always highly observant.

I had a “wait a moment” realization.

Although my intention was to ward off negativity by not expressing my emotions or myself; bad things continued to happen.

Things were pretty rough back then, and maybe one of these days as you and I sit and enjoy the exotic views somewhere in the world, we can talk about it.

But for now, I want to talk transformation.

See, a lot of people claim to have the best products, and the latest information and blah blah blah blah…

I understand why some people may call me naive.

After all, society doesn’t teach us these things.

Who does she think she is?

Openly sharing this vision of freedom like it’s an easy task.

And I know that it isn’t. That’s why greats like Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Jesus and even Lao Tzu spoke of the enlightening journey.

I do believe that one day.

I see a society where humanity is free. Where men, women and children of all nations have the resources they need. Where people excel not because they’re forced to but because they are doing activities they are passionate about. I see a government that cannot dictate how one should live but a people who live in abundance without the need of a system that cripples their worth.

Some may say that’s naive.

I’m coming.

We’re coming.

I will spread this message to the people of the world who are ready right now for transformation.

The only people who truly understand how I feel about freedom are soldiers and those willing to die for what they believe in.

Things are shifting.

Even as a child, I understood warding off my emotions wasn’t helping me.

Okay, now I may have taken it a bit overboard because I can’t even watch certain scenes in Games Of Thrones without pulling at some part of my body in pain. LOL!

Now, this is just what I’ve noticed in my life and what has helped me.

I began to express my emotions.

What I thought made me seem weak, is what gave me strength.

Clearly set boundaries for what I wanted to surround myself around and like magic, I kid you not. I began attracting more positivity!!

I don’t know why but especially with business, there is a common belief that one must be ruthless, to the point, and just plain like a bulldozer in order to succeed.

Now, don’t even get me started on what people generally believe of women who are successful in business.

Unless you’re a man or a woman not wanting to be honest with one self.

We have all faced these stigma’s at least once in our life before.

I realized, the only plane emotion stays negative exists when I stopped learning.

Yep, I’ll be the first to admit.

Any time in my life I stopped investing in myself, everything else suffered as a result.

That’s why I am really pumped up about the next event July 21st!

Not only have we brought in our personal team to share with you from start to end, how we are building a 7 figure business.

We are also capturing the opportunity for serious entrepreneurs to rise to the next level.

Let’s all be honest, every good team has a coach.

I mean, unless of course your business is thriving and life is nothing but honey dew and melon drops.

I am not speaking with you.

Right now, I am talking to the woman, or man, who is ready for transformation on a deeper level.

Yea sure, when those who work with me find out that my husband and I have paid well over in six figures for our own education, they expect our coaching and events to be something ridiculous like $50,000.

Yes, I am the first to invest $30,000 on my own education for a course I will be submersed in just a few short months, but to me, that’s freedom baby.

How can I expect the best from those around me if I am unwilling to do the self-work.

To me, when it comes to freedom, that’s priceless.

That’s why this July 21st I am gathering with a unique group of entrepreneurs.

Last event there were sixty-five entrepreneurs who joined us from all over the world.

Places like,
Countries I can’t spell,
and all over the United States…

Here’s the thing though…for the next event I was told we only have room to hold fifty or the fire marshall will know me by name.

Now anyone who knows me, knows I ain’t scuuurred but when it comes to people’s safety, I have to take a cue from my girl Tracey and say, “momma don’t play.”

For the next few months, I am running with a tight group of committed entrepreneurs.

We will not only shift our own paradigms, we will affect lasting change in the world around us.

This mission is not for those who will easily look to place blame on others.

This mission is for the spirited entrepreneur who stands for the right to live the way they want to.

A mission we can easily forget as we live life complacently forgetting our hearts battle cry.

Today is not my time.

It’s YOUR time.

The only people who will truly feel what I mean, are the ones shaking their heads as they read this, saying, “YES!” to what freedom brings.

Go ahead and lock in your spot to the next event on:

Once you do, connect with my executive assistant, Christy, about your goals.

Our entire team is quite excited to work with you and can’t wait to see you at the next event!

With love,
D Verrengia (The chocolate side to the Jedi family)

Isn’t it interesting how when you really want something, you just go out and get it every time?

And isn’t it even more interesting how when we truly believe in ourselves, no one and I mean no one, can talk us out of it?

I’ve come to the conclusion, the people who you see standing on stages, working with the needy, devoting their lives to others…they don’t acquire success because their purpose is to go out and swim in a pool full of money.

I believe we acquire and keep true wealth because that is only payment worth good intentions.

Don’t you see?

You can choose whether you allow society to deem you as weak or you can use their blind judgement to set focus, and shift your life on a whole new level.

After all, we can’t expect change from a company, or employees, or some other person other than ourselves.

That’s why they say, transformation begins within.
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