The Highs And Lows Of Business

By June 22, 2016Blog, Personal Power

In my life and business there have been a lot of highs and lows.

I’ll always remember the night I got beaten so badly. My teeth had been pushed back, my hair pulled out.

As I walked in a ripped bloody shirt, I was in pain and hurt but knew I would survive.

That evening I slept on the side of a local gas station.

Then there was the time, as I was about to walk into class and a friend gave me a hug. The teacher was nearby and could tell by my reaction something was wrong so I was sent to the school nurse.

Somehow, I managed to keep my grades up and graduate two years early.

When I had met my husband, then my boy friend, he owned his own business.

I remember he would take me to his moms house for dinner and not wanting to burst into tears from all the kindness complete strangers showed me.

At this time in my life, it felt like I was sick most of the time.

I caught pneumonia yearly, chronic allergies, and my immune system was weak.

My husbands name is Justin. As I laid on the couch in his parents home office, everyone could tell something was wrong.

That day I spent it in the hospital.

When we moved to China. We did so specifically to save money.

We weren’t making enough to live alone so instead of moving in with loved ones, we moved to a place the living expenses were within our budget.

That thirteen months or so was incredibly eye opening to me.

Once, I went on an interview with Justin. The headmaster then told him she had been looking for another teacher.

He then excitingly mentioned me.

As she looked at me in dismay, she then told us that my salary would have to be less because the parents aren’t going to pay for a black woman to teach their children.

My husband then said, if you cannot hire her at the same rate as me, then I do not want to work here.

Once, I was standing outside of the billiards. It was below my apartment building. As I stood there waiting for my friends to walk up the stairs, a group of people walked up taking photos of me.

Like the time I was looking to buy a scarf for Justin and the shop owner in mandarin says, “oh my! She’s real, she’s real.” While rubbing the side of my check gently.

Our city was small compared to Beijing and Sichuan with a couple million citizens.

The entire time we were there we were affiliates. Justin worked all day at the school. So he mastered automating our video marketing. He managed a team to help us. That way, the income that was coming in from teaching was what we lived on.

The school provided our place to stay and the visas so we could save every dollar we made through affiliate marketing.

When we left China. I had a deep respect for Internet marketing. (And Kung pao chicken :-P)

I had always believed in Internet marketing before but because it wasn’t something taught in my school, the people I know didn’t know about it.

It was hard for me to believe I could do it and succeed.

Then there was that time my husband started a new business I didn’t want to touch with a ten foot poll.

But that was always one thing that I have been able to do. Drop my ego.

He believed in it.

So how dare I as his wife, not support him?

I had to give myself real talk.

I’ve always been passionate about freedom.

I know first hand how it is to live your life and make your decisions by lack.

For instance, you make a decision based upon how much time you have.

When you can make decisions not based on lack you are in a place of abundance. Everything comes in flow.

Here’s what I mean.

Over three years ago, the main source of our traffic shut his services.

Not to everyone but to us. He then shared his decision not to promote that offer because it didn’t align with his values.

I always respect the decisions he makes so there was no trying to convince him.

Now, to some people this would have been the end to their business.

But we had already been in the industry for over six years so we developed skills to help us not miss a beat.

Actually, when that happened no one knew besides close friends and family.

Then there was that time, the company we were in was going through a slump.

Many people’s incomes dropped, drastically.

This is another reason why I save instead of spending every dollar I make.

I then get a call from a friend online. He then proceeds to tell me all about his success, his teams success and I celebrated that with him.

It’s great if you can change your life but when you see the lives of your team transforming that’s another level. So I was so ecstatic for his team!

It wasn’t until he said the next line, I realized I was being pitched.

He then told me, if I sign this contract he will give me a salary of $50,000 a month.

Was I making that much a month? Sure was not.

He took his time from his day so I didn’t want to be rude and be like, “boy get out my face!” Instead, I apologized and said no way.

He then asked, what if I give you $80,000 a month?

My response is, how dare you. I didn’t develop a skill to be an entrepreneur to sign a contract that says I will be an employee only for his company.

He then said he understands and what he said next baffled me.

What if I can get you approved for $100,000 a month?

Mind you, the company I was in at that time was in turmoil. For a second, I seriously thought he was crazy.

Up until that point, I had heard stories of leaders getting contracts but I thought it was myth.

Here I was on the phone turning it down.

Justin and I laughed about it. Did he really think we would stop what we are doing just for more money?

Growing up in the church, I was taught what the left hand gives, the right does not know.

When the tithe tray comes, I literally ball the money up in a fist so that it cannot be seen until it is in.

As a child, this was fun. I giggled as I held the money in my left hand and would purposely keep my right hand anywhere near it.

If I could dis-attach my arm, I probably would have thrown my right arm out the building! LOL!

So for me to share this with you right now, is kinda a big deal to me.

My close friends and family have known for my plans but I never made them public till recently.

Anyone who takes ten minutes around me, knows everything I do is for freedom for humanity.

Some people think it’s naive.

I believe with everything in me, that people deserve to be free.

The jobs and activities they do should not be just for money.

I believe every human being deserves fresh whole food.

I believe clean water is our right to access.

I believe one should not make decisions based on what they feel they have to do.

I believe that people on this earth deserve freedom.

I believe society should not dictate how we should be.

I know the forces of evil will tell you it is not possible.

That is where I disagree.

So I have been saving money ever since my daughter was born to open an entrepreneurial university.

She is now two and my plan was to hopefully open by the time she was old enough to go.

Here’s why.

When I went to university, I chose a major based on what everyone said would help me make money.

When I quit. It devastated my entire family.

Then, I enroll into a new course. I quit that one, too.

If you know the Haitian culture. You know education is a big deal.

What an embarrassment I was.

It was until I found the Internet, I found something I was passionate about.

I dived in. Like a fish!

I had gotten my hands on Dreamweaver, a program by Adobe used to create websites. I then started building websites for entrepreneurs.

I learned the art of communication. Instead of just blasting my offer like it is the next best thing since sliced bread, I offered solutions.

It wasn’t until I took a step back that I realized freedom for humanity will not be done by storming the doors of government buildings.

My friend, the war on your mind is much more advanced.

Remember, they don’t have to chain our hands and feet when they have our minds enslaved.

This is what brought the idea of an entrepreneurial university to me in the first place.

I believe, if the common man or woman or young adult had access to what I know, they could make informed decisions.

Right now, they say that most of the wealth on this earth is owned by less than 1%.

What if those statistics got flipped?

I know there are people who will say that is not possible. All I can say is, we’re coming.

What if, instead of living life day to day not pursuing your passion, you could do what you want?

Has this ever happened to you before?

You go to make a decision or do something and then you realize you cannot afford to?

How does it make you feel?

This is why a structured education, designed by PHD’s is so crucial.

Imagine, sitting in a classroom or watching the teacher online, walk you through step by step.

Imagine being taught by a professor who is not a master in theory but a practitioner earning several hundred thousand dollars a month.

So you want to learn SEO. Learn it from the man who is actually doing it.

What if I told you all of this is already in place?

That is why I mentioned the ego to you earlier.

You should have seen my face as I watching the video where they showed the college. Walk you through their preparation for accreditation. Introduce you to the PHD’s designing the curriculum.

Then, the kicker comes in.

The men behind this have done it before!

Wait, what?

I mean, I had thought of the idea so I know how incredible it was. But I am just one woman. Here I was hiring employees and looking for office space.

Ego and pride would say, your school will be better because it’s yours but that’s what dropping the ego is all about.

I was shocked at the talent that came together on this.

For example, landing pages created by a team where this is all they do.

Funnels, a series of pages, designed by men known for their sales conversions.

Coaches, who have been in the industry over a decade to help you with your leads.

Tested traffic. So while you are learning you can get results inside of your business.

Can you begin to imagine the transformation inside of your own business with all of these tools implemented?

After becoming over half a million dollars in debt back in early 2000 from owning real estate we could not afford, we have lived humbly ever since.

People see the income shots my husband will post and think my pool has pure gold in it.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

For example, if we made $60,000 our living expenses are much less than $5,000.

That is more abundance to share with the local charities and shelters.

We have never made decisions based on something as petty as a dollar.

It’s not the money that matters.

It’s the fact society says we need it to buy shelter, food, and resources.

I’ll never forget the day my daughter was born.

Her due date wasn’t for another three days, and here I was being woken up by the little one.

It was my husbands birthday that day so I didn’t want to wake him up.

So I got up, went to the bathroom and tried dealing with it.

After some time, I realized it’s getting more intense. This is my first child birth so I called the mid wife.

She instructed me on a few things I could do:
-make sure I was having enough fluids
-make myself a nice relaxing bath
-lay down to relax

It wasn’t until an hour or so passed that i called the mid wife again and thought perhaps something is happening.

I also didn’t want to be wife who woke her husband out of bed for a false alarm so I laid a thick winter blanket on the side of the bed on the floor.

I tossed, I rolled, I sat up.

After calling the midwife another time. We set at noon to meet at the birthing center.

I held off for as long as I could but it wasn’t even 11AM yet.

I then woke up Justin and said its time!

He then looked at me like I was an angel and asked, “do I have time to brush my teeth?”

Of course! LOL!!

That drive to the birthing center was the most uncomfortable car ride ever.

Next thing you know, I have my baby girl in my arms and the nurse is checking her vitals.

She’s counting her fingers, and itsy witsy toes.

Then her facial expression changes.

She asks us all to be quiet.

My daughters heart was skipping a beat.

I remember being there in that room with my mom, my mother in law, my baby’s god father, our dear friend and tears running from my eyes.

Being in the medical field, my mom explained to me how this was normal. It could take a couple of days for everything to fully develop.

After going to the holistic pediatrician he told me the names of the tests I would need to have done if it hasn’t gone away on its own.

So I call the children’s hospital. All I wanted to know was the process. The woman on the phone spoke to me as if she was making money from sending me to the accounts & billing department.

“Ma’am, I understand the test is $10,000. That is not a problem, I can pay cash. Can you tell me more about the test and what I am to expect?”

My daughters body fully developed on its own in just a few days.

God is good!!!

The only reason I share that with you is, as a mother I was scared.

If I would have had my daughter 8 or 9 years ago, I would not have had the money in the bank. I also didn’t have established credit so no bank would have loaned me the money. I wasn’t born from an affluent family so I didn’t have anyone I could ask for it either.

That is why I believe in freedom for humanity.

That is why I believe in structured education.

Will society be transformed by us causing havoc demanding change?

Honestly, I don’t think so.

Will society be transformed by putting the wealth back into the hands of the common man or woman?

Yes, I believe!!

I wasn’t even looking for something to be honest.

I saw this watched the videos multiple times. My husband and I were so excited!!!

To keep it real, I believe the only reason we were able to fall sleep from all the excitement was because we have a two year old and we need all the energy we can get.

The next morning, we got in immediately and invested.

Since being online we have met some incredibly talented entrepreneurs.

Traffic, video, social media we know an expert in that field.

Compared to a lot of the people we know, we are newbies.

For instance, our success coach has been in the industry for over a decade.

She was taught by a man, also our personal friend, who has some of the highest sales conversions in the entire industry.

So when I shared with her the college, I strictly did so for her expertise. I didn’t know after seeing it she would want to work with us!

Not only that, she believes in it so much she wants to work with our frontline.

Okay, maybe just a fluke.

So then I bring it to the traffic experts I know. I’m talking about people who get calls from countries to run traffic.

Imagine my surprise when they say they not only want to run traffic for us but they want to help our frontline too!

Okay, maybe those are both flukes.

My daughter and I were playing with play-doh when my husbands Skype rang.

“Hello Justin!! I just got started bro! I’ve been wanting to work with you for years.”

Coming from a living legend online.

See, here’s why I share that.

The woman who is our success coach runs a very successful business. She doesn’t have to work with us for money. She wants to because she aligns with the vision.

Anyone whose clients earn $50 million a year does not have to run traffic for me. Let’s just be honest. So when an individual who doesn’t have to work with you, wants to. It means a lot.

Just thinking about it all brings me in a space of gratitude.

This has always been my dream.

To share the resources and tools I use in my own business to help you achieve your goals.

Anything and everything I do has always been for freedom for humanity.

They will have to kill me to stop me. But like Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Jesus and Bob Marley. My life is worth nothing if humanity is not free.

I wasn’t even looking for something and have changed everything to focus here.

If I would have allowed pride to guide me I would not be writing this to you now.

All I know is, I know I will not be the person to change the world but I guarantee I will spark the mind of the one who does.

Freedom for humanity is coming.