The Energy Of Attraction

The law of attraction is created by connecting inner and outer energy.

Have you ever thought of someone and then, unexpectedly, they called you on the phone?

That is, just one of the ways the energy of attraction makes itself prevalent in our lives.

In this blog post, I am going to share with you some of the ways I have been able to shift my energy.

Desire Is Your Key

Perhaps, the things you want, you already have.

In today’s day, it is more vital than ever, to establish a connection to the earth, and root ourselves.

I began the same journey some time ago. Always learning.

It is your inner most desire that will craft the road to your energy of attraction.


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Some Of The Best Things In Life, We Do Everyday

Being thankful and staying in the moment are two skill sets yogi’s of all levels continue to do each and every day.

It is when you are pulled into doing the things we don’t like; that requires us to be even more aware.

Do this to be more in tune. Practice, everyday, become a master.

You Already Have What You Want

Taking responsibility for where you are is the first step to changing it.

Do not get lost in the babbling of others who say the circumstances hindered them.

Let yourself free, in knowing, the mind has already found the solution.

You must first allow it to show it to you.

The when, how, even the what, may present itself later.

It’s Not All About What You Think

The combination of what you believe, and feel, and are willing to do; may not be the same.

Confusion and anger, are brothers to fear.

When it comes to letting go, they may be your worse enemies.

Here, you can read more about how I use mantras to align my focus.

The Connection Between Us All

A few of the yogi’s I follow on social media, remind us to live in a world where we are willing to look at things in a different way.

Feeling trapped, wrapped up, on what you don’t want…. happens.

It stopped for me, when I became willing to see things differently.

My yoga practice has helped me to do this, but there are tons of ways a person could.

All you need is anywhere from fifteen minutes to one hour of time, each and every day.

Across a sea of different industries, one thing remains the same.

To use the same illustration we did before.

If desire is the key, then it is(1)

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With love and light my friend,