So How Will You Be Paying For This?

By July 21, 2015Coaching

Realign With Transformation Begins Within

So How Will You Be Paying For This?

I was the last thing you would expect from a gal who grew up in the sunny but rough streets of Miami.

But here I was.  Mic in hand and their eyes growing wider by the second with disbelief.

I guess they didn’t know what I would say….

Truth is, neither did I.

Let me back up a little. Share with you a little of my story. I wasn’t born speaking on stages with thousands of people in the audiences.

Actually I was just like you.

I could see, touch, feel the lifestyle I know I deserved but when it came to putting it together, well I sucked and had no where to go. Or so I thought at that time.

I still remember the first time I was introduced to the Law of Attraction. I was sitting in church and the pastor read part of chapter.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Whoa, right! Then as I got older, the movie, The Secret, came out and the world’s energy began to shift.

I remember feeling so overjoyed with emotions after learning the “secret” that I called everyone I knew and asked them to watch it.

One of the gals I worked with at the time thought I was completely nuts.

As we would get ready for our shift and put our make up on in the bathroom, me and the other waitresses would talk about our plans, goals, and the future.

Some of them had other jobs and were just here part-time, others were full-time students, but of course, I had to be “weird” one and my visions just didn’t fit in with theirs.

On no day in particular this gal and I were having our conversation.  ”You want to what?” she asked me with a confused look on her face as she put on mascara. There we were in the bathroom and I was finding it hard to actually speak my vision.

How in the world would I be able to present my idea to investors if I can’t even get it right in the public bathroom of a delightfully tacky restaurant.

Even though I knew of the Law of Attraction, something was missing. I was thinking positive, reading all the right books, and still I wasn’t floating in the ocean in an exotic country slathered in sunscreen with a cold drink that magically refilled itself.

“Wake up D! WAKE UP!!” As my eyes slowly opened I could see my mom hanging over me. “It’s almost 4pm D, you’ve gotta get to class.”

Then it all clicked.

I jumped out of that bed so fast!!

As I drove to class that day something was different.

I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but I could FEEL it.

Has that ever happened to you?

Maybe as you’re about to leap into a new venture or when you meet someone for the first time. You get an intuition, don’t you?

Mine was strong in the car that day. 

Even during class, I could STILL feel but nothing seemed to be different.

Same class, same students, same professor…so what is this feeling?

I recently, with my husband, took a Neuro Linguistics Programming certification course. We each invested about $15,000 into our education and what trips me out about that is when I was working as a waitress, there were a few times, I barely made that much in an entire year!

So to now be able to invest more than what I used to make in one whole year just feels good inside, ya know?

But here’s when the pivotal moment happened for me.

The restaurant was slow overall and I really had to use the restroom. As I approached the manager on shift, that “weird” feeling overcame me again.

“Can I run and use the bathroom?” I was already walking to the bathroom because I really had to go but his answer stopped me in my tracks. “No, you may not. Wait until I finish my sandwich, then you can go.”

I must of given him a look of rushing pee because he said, “You know what, just go, and make it quick D!”

I remember sitting down on the toilet and shedding a fear tears. Am I so invaluable as a human being I have to ask someone when I can use the bathroom?

Life check.

Now fast forward to a bit closer to now in my life.

We were on the plane flying to Vegas to meet a financial planner. My husband and I were having a great year in the business and it was time to seek outside help with investments.

I still couldn’t believe it.

Here I was paying someone about $28,000 to do these services and I was just a gal from Miami who likes to daydream.  Remember, I’m the “weird” one.

What happened?

What shifted within those years that I went from spinning my wheels working for someone else to running a successful business working with thousands of clients?

I’ll tell you what it is if you really want to know.

Before I do, let me share a story with you about our new car.

So here we are, my husband and I, looking to buy a car. My husband is known as the Hippie Jedi and from his appearance alone, one would never think he is a million dollar earner.

With me on his side, and our baby being toted in the stroller, we probably looked like an odd couple from a comedy.

We had been walking around the dealership for quite some time but we already knew what car, model, and color we wanted to buy; we just needed someone to sell it to us.

“Sir, when you get the chance could we see one of the new models of that car.” As I pointed at the shiny display model. He looked brut, tall, short brown hair, and his facial expression could-not-be-bothered.

“I’m in the middle of selling a car right now!” he snapped back at me. 

Oh silly me, I was just trying to buy one.

Long story short, we finally ended up receiving phenomenal service from a great woman with an awesome sense of humor. She took us down the test drive roads and told us all about the car.

As we walked back into the dealership, there was hardly any customers inside.

“So how will you be paying for this?” she asked my husband and I.

“Cash.” he replied.

She then went back to her desk, then took a pile of paperwork to another office and we smiled back and she explained our situation to the finance department.

You know things are slow when the finance department guy walks right up to you. “So tell me, you just have an extra $30,000 cash to buy this car?”

As I smiled, my husband replied, “yes, I do.”

The gentleman looked confused and then walked away.

I don’t share this story with you to brag, but rather to show you what’s possible.

When we wrote that check it was an amazing feeling. To go from where we were, spinning, confused, to where we are now. One just has to be grateful.

Even when others don’t believe in you or put down your dreams and ideas, don’t give up.

When people doubt you, don’t give in.

There is so much more to this life than what meets the eye.

Can you live a life not being financially free? Of course you can.

But can you live a life of pure happiness worrying about things like how you will double your income, or plan that family vacation you’ve always wanted to go on or taking your spouse for a weekend getaway.

Who or what says you can’t have your cake and eat it too!

Look into the mirror because the only person whose opinion matters, is YOU.

Oh yea, earlier I mentioned that something clicked for me.

You might guess what it was and be right.

Here’s what I didn’t mention.

It wasn’t until I believed I deserved to live the lifestyle I wanted that I went out to make it happen.

So my question for you today is do you believe?

If so, I would love to speak with you, get to know what your goals are and see if I could help you in any way to reach them.

Next Monday the 27th, my amazing husband, Justin Verrengia, and I will be hosting a webinar to share with you exactly how we set goals and reach them every time.

It’s not magic, it’s science and once you know it, you can do it too!

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Just my gift to you to help you create your dreams

See you on the webinar!

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