If you can visualize your goal, you are more likely to accomplish it.

By February 23, 2015Inspiration, Personal Power

If you can visualize your goals, you are more likely to accomplish them.

Through observing people, I’ve learned a few things. The way they say things, the words they choose to use, their mannerisms as they communicate with others, these can all tell you a lot about a person.

There are several types of people. They’re all different, but with the right combination they can each be very successful.

First, you have your “I know that already’s”. We all know at least one. You know, the one who is right about what they are right about, which is everything!

Here’s a tip. Try focusing your attention to experiencing and learning new things. Heck, if you’re going to profess to know-it-all then you might as well start letting your life itself speak for what you know.

Then there are those who are members of the “I would if I could” clan. It doesn’t matter if every possible way was created for them. This is the person that is as kind as can be but when it comes to their own success, they self-sabotage it every time.

Try this. Instead of coming up with ways something won’t work. Think of ways and plan how it will. How will your life be different if it did happen? When will it happen? What are you willing to do to make it happen?

Finally, you have your “c’mon-I-told-you-I’m-ready!” tribe. Unlike others, they have a clear set vision of what they will accomplish. They are human sponges when it comes to knowledge and are willing to apply what they learn.

These are what we would call, our “ride-or-dies” lol I’m not making this up, Google it. All I’m saying is, we all go through stages in life.

Whether you’re the “can’t-stop-wont-stop” type or the “are-you-sure-this-things-not-a-scam” type; you can have the type of life you want.

That’s just it right there! Your reality depends on who you choose to believe you are.

My tip of the day. Choose wisely.

With love,