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Yes, Justin & D Verrengia! I want to be personally mentored by you and your team and have access to your 6 session class so I can learn how to implement proven profitable methods in my business.
This Private Group Coaching Will Be Closing In...
Private Group Coaching will open at $5,000 after January 11th.
Session 1 - How Funnels Work & Why You Need One
This first session is filled with content to help you set up a solid foundation for your business online. Be set up properly to scale up your business in the future. You will also learn how to create a branded funnel using my template that continues to work for my business. You'll also learn which steps of a funnel you need to pay attention and how your customers interact with it. Inside, this is where we cover the science to a Bridge video and what the right tools are to maximize your exposure.
Session 2 - How To Get More People To Open Your Emails
It's time to place ACTION! In this session we focus all our energy on helping you write a compelling email campaign, from start to end. You'll learn our top email subject lines as well as how to write awesome headlines of your own. That's not all! You'll also learn our tips for sending emails with the best deliverability. That's right! Our secrets it took us forever to figure out will now be yours to use in your business so you can soar.
Session 3 - Let's Unfold Our Personal Crypto Strategy
We've dominated in multiple industries in our businesses, like network marketing, direct sales, and now Crypto. We're willing to show you what we're not sharing with anyone else about our strategy. You'll get to learn which platforms we are using, what tools help us the most, and our formula to success!
Session 4 - How To Create Real Leverage Online
Real leverage online is built by understanding data. We'll show you how we decipher all the graphs, numbers, statistics, and turn it into an usable action plan. One that gets results. This is when we show what many people miss out on when they are building online. There's a way to maximize your income potential, without anymore effort, than you're already doing in your business. This is great for business owners who regularly email, or shoot videos.
Session 5 - How To Place Fb Ads Successfully
Be honest. How many times have you tried to place ads social media? Would you like to learn what we've found out in the past 5+ years of generating leads on social media? Once you know what you're doing, you can turn on the traffic, and get hundreds of targeted leads daily. In some cases for less than a $1! All I'm saying is, what we do works, and it'll work for anyone who learns it.
Session 6 - How To Get More Sales On Your Webinar
Are you hosting webinars with your audience yet? If not, you are missing a huge piece to the Conversion puzzle my friend. Let us show you how to make more sales, using a few methods that have worked for us, time and time again. Webinar's are a great way to engage with you audience. Be prepared! Just because this is our final session, doesn't mean it will be a breeze. This session is slammed with tips to help your webinars close sales every time.
First 3 People Only.
Bonus #1: Our Personal Cellphone Number
Get access to our personal cellphone number. This is a direct line to us. Get to know us, our business and our team on an entirely whole new level.
Bonus #2: Private Members Chat
Get access to our PRIVATE Members Chat. This is for our members ONLY. Here you will get access to constant updates, live recordings, 24/7 support to get your questions answers, live events updates, and community discussion.
Bonus #3: High-Converting Webinar
Get your hands on our high-converting webinar template. Each and every slide is yours to model from for your own business. Don't worry! We'll show you our top methods for getting a lot of people to your webinar in a short time.
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I understand that I am taking advantage of an AMAZING deal to be personally mentored by 7-Figure Income Earners for a one time special price of only $3,500 versus $5,000 which is the price all our personal students currently pay us for this level of personal coaching. That’s a whopping savings of $1,500.
 I understand that I am receiving fast action takers special bonus upon purchase, you will get “instant access” to the private access link to the members only Private Group Chat. Private Group Chat is an exclusive connection to both Justin & D and other members. This is where we share a look into active campaigns, from email to video in multiple industries. This up close view into our business is easily worth at least $5,000 just from the feedback from the clients who had success using it.
 I’m also receiving a fast action takers special bonus. I will receive all the video recordings from your live workshop trainings together so I don’t miss out on a single idea or technique you teach me, which is another $2,997 value in itself.
This is what we’ve been told is a PRICELESS VALUE...

I call an UNBELIEVABLE value. 

I may not know exactly what you’re selling to the marketplace, but this formula has been proven and tested in hundreds of niches. 

My only goal is to help you generate more leads and sales into your business, whether you have an existing business or not, online or offline, you will have a stream of targeted customers coming through your front door!

With that being said.. Sign me up!
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Private Group Coaching will open at $5,000 after January 11th.
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