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By December 14, 2014Healthy Natural Living

I initially came across this online memory test website from a friend.

On a post inside our women’s only private Facebook group, she had shared she uses these each day before she did anything on the computer.

She has even noticed an increase in her memory.

Well, when I heard that.

I began doing research on the brain and training programs.

Each time, this is the top resource.

These are my scores after taking their online memory test.

It only took a couple of minutes, and I was able to get back to playing blocks with my daughter.

This was my score:

online memory test

It’s dependent on a few of the options you chose in the beginning of the test.

The idea is, now that you’ve assessed where you are.

With the help of neuroscientists, games, unique for you are recommended to help you train your brain.

Pretty cool right?

Take the online memory test for yourself and see how you do.

They do charge for their personalized trainings but this online memory test is completely free, once you enter your first name, email and answer a few questions.

After you’ve taken it, come back and share your results in the comments!

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Looking forward to seeing your score,