There’s a lot to be seen through new eyes.


As I laid Quan-Yin down next to her new friend Ivy. Her eyes lit up with curiosity.

The event was roaring with the sound of several thousand people speaking their dreams into existence. Each one embodied in the essence of what is a revolutionary online business.

But in this space, the noise was quiet as the television let us listen to the event as we watched our babies. Different types of things go through your mind when you are a mother.

Will my child spit up on her new friend’s head? Will my phone die right when Quan-Yin speaks all of of sudden with her new friend, like the talking babies in Baby Geniuses? Man, I can’t believe I forgot to pack her nail clippers! Eeeet, please don’t fart! Just to name a few…

These are a lot different than wondering how you will pay for your child meals next week. Or if you are able to take your child to their favorite playground? Will you have enough to provide what she truly deserves? Or will you come up with excuses and let time pass you by.


A lot of people get intimated by what they see, and walk away. Children accept the passings of life with happiness as they grow. Each moment, an exhilarating cycle, that takes them further than they were before.

But somewhere along the way, life creeps in…

In the past two years, my husband, Justin, and I, have personally worked with over 1,900 entrepreneurs.

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Because it’s not all about the money.

It’s about creating a team and shaking their hands and giving them hugs and sharing tears of joy!

It’s about getting people EXCITED to live life again!

It’s not an offer for just anyone, but the right people will know, I am writing this to you.

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