Mantras For Success

By November 20, 2014Personal Power

In this article I am going to share some techniques for creating your own mantras for success.

We all have struggles we have to overcome and I’m not going to waste your time telling you of all the obstacles I’ve hopped over but instead I want to help you overcome your own.

Coming from a small family in Miami, I have seen many things.

I remember once, when I got older, someone asked me, “why do you what you do?”.

My reply, “Do you even know what it is I do?”.

From the outside looking in, running your own business is time consuming, tedious, and does not guarantee you’ll be successful.

D VerrengiaPeople, even those closet to you, will think they understand what you do; but the truth is, if they really understood they would start their own business too.

There’s a lot of confusion on how the internet really works.

Some people do not really have an understanding of how the internet works or how information passed through it can be marketed.

A few weeks ago, my cousin was complaining about her current job, she’s just at a point where she is over it.

I mentioned, “you could always work for yourself”.

Her reply, “I’d still have to deal with people all the time”.

Now, that is true. But I don’t know many industries where human interaction is not involved.

The different is I am not dealing with just any type of individual.

The people I mentor are eager to learn, and that is a quality of a person I enjoy spending time with.

The moment we think; we know it all. That is a recipe for disaster.

That’s where mantras for success begins.

There must be a foundation of belief that you can accomplish what it is you seek to do.

I start by writing down my goals.

Then I order them by which ones I believe I can get done the soonest.

The next thing I do, is record myself saying them.

In this video you’ll hear a few of the mantras for success.

Record your own and share your mantra compilation videos with others.

Have fun with it!

If this has helped you in any please leave a comment below and let me know.

With love and light,