Is There A Success Gene Or Are Some People Just Lucky?

By February 1, 2015Laws Of Business

Today, I ask you a question. Do you believe everyone can be successful or is that reserved for people who posses a certain trait or skill?

My investigation to the answer begins with myself.

I’m known as a passionate public speaker, a teacher, an author and a mom to a family of Jedi’s.

Before I reached there, I was just plain ol’ D.

Was I ransacked into a black van and injected with a super secret success gene? Then thrown back into society to watch me flourish. Or..was it within me all along and it activated?

To answer that objectively. I’ll need to establish my habits.

During that time, we were on the phones day and night. I mean, yea we got pretty good at it and made money but it sucked.

We hardly had time to sit and eat dinner without having to be on a call. Life was just different back then.

It wasn’t until I made the connection to my time and worth, it all became clear that in order to yield more profit, I had to offer more value.

An easy equation at first glance, but it is here that most people, including myself, got tangled up.

Enough with the tales of being a ninja D, give it to me straight.

Before I had any idea the impact shifting the way I looked at life, I took my time for granted.

is there a success gene?

The single most important skill any one can develop is to practice and learn. Educating yourself on how things are done. For example, a large amount of what I do is based upon communication, the art of expressing yourself to others in a way that will inspire or take action.

We all throw up in our correspondences and it is with practice that we can learn to talk to our own audience.

Wouldn’t it be helpful to understand the best way to communicate to someone and have them join you in business or buy product from you or understand their needs?

You can do just that by learning the different personalities and how to communicate with each of them effectively.

There are many types of personalities but for this niche, we’ll discuss only four. We’ll reference them as colors so you can easily remember them.

When you start mingling, observing, and creating friendships with higher income brackets, you start noticing differences, subtle, yet so paramount.

Watch the video below to learn more

That’s part of the I Am Transformation “Understanding The Different Personalities” series.

So now that the secrets out, and everyone knows I’m not a ninja.

Being a Jedi did help me develop the understanding to develop new skills. At whatever cost, obstacle, or temporary defeat.

Not because I have some super gene, but because I believe in the power of a dream.

What about you? What has been your experience? Have you studied the different personalities before? Do you tend to attract one more than another?

Post your thoughts below in the comments. I can’t wait to read them!

With love and light,

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