Internship Opportunities

We're rapidly growing & Social Media is the new over-flowing ocean for us to swim in. See if you're a fit for our Clearwater city team!

A few reasons why you’d want to work with us at Your True Bliss

  • You enjoy a challenge and are self motivated to be your best.
  • Have a strong connection and are one with the force.
  • You are fully submersed in everything that is social media and know the difference in operating with a business and a personal presence.
  • You want to work hard and work with a company that knows how to have fun.
  • You enjoy a competitive environment and can bring a positive attitude to others on the team.
  • You are capable of expressing your ideas clearly and efficiently.
  • You enjoy traveling to new countries, meeting new people are a quick learner of cultural customs.
  • You are quick on your feet with solutions and can present them to others.
  • You are organized and can take notes on the fly.
  • You are available for weekly meetings, to fly out to events, and to provide support in various ways.
  • You are eager to learn and have lots to bring to the work table.
  • You are nearly a perfectionist in providing projects and work products.
  • You know our soul focus is on our clients and will have no bs to soft through.
  • You understand our team is rapidly growing and you will have to work with new people all the time.
  • You will learn a lot in our environment that can be applied to your own products and business endeavors.
  • Our expertise and thoroughness to the entire team’s success is vital to us and you are open to attending events with this goal in mind.
  • You are a great leader who can also work as a phenomenal team member.
  • You can read and analyze data and deliver it in a simple to comprehend fashion to clients, and other team members.
  • You have a great attitude and are even tempered and love interacting with ALL kinds of people.
  • You are good at making people feel valued around you.

Openings Globally

Passionate Personal Assistant Who Has An Itch For Photography

We are currently hiring a personal assistant who can also take behind the scenes photos during our live shoots.

If you are:

Highly responsive to online communication
Seeking to learn the inner movings of a multiple seven figure business
Looking for the opportunity to travel as a personal assistant!

Here’s what you can expect working with us:

Our focus is stimulating humanity to live prosperously. The work will focus primarily in setting and confirming appointments, aiding our crew on video sets, taking behind the scenes photos, and helping our team to run more efficiently during events, shoots and meetings. A strong understanding of Keynote is a must.

We are looking to work with someone on a full-time basis.

D Verrengia, Freedom Fighter

Here at Your True Bliss we are dedicated to working with the right people as interns on our team.

Send us an email right away to internships (at) yourtruebliss (dot) com* if you are:

  • Highly self motivated and eager to learn
  • Work amazing with others and ALL types of people
  • Updated in the latest technologies and can provide support to a growing market of internet savvy clients

We have a strong company mantra to be like water. Powerful yet able to change swiftly and suddenly with the times. It’s important in order for this to be possible every one on our team have amazing attitudes and can account for themselves. If one goes down, we all slow down so this is why we are very selective with the internship process.

If you are selected expect 3 interviews at least with members of our executive team. Our culture here is inviting and safe and fun for everyone. Our team ensures the right people are hired for the job.

If that is you then apply today by sending us an email with:

  • Your resume
  • Any references
  • Current social media connections
  • About 700 words in your best professionalism writing style stating why you would be ideal for the position.

If you don’t hear back from us that means we have already filled the position and if you do, expect at least 3 interviews in the Clearwater area.


We look forward to hearing from you soon!