How To Program Your Mind To Reach New Heights

By February 20, 2015Personal Power

It was after reading “this” book I began to swim in the functions of the mind and its connection to what some may say, is literally creating your reality.

That type of strength doesn’t come without a double edged sword to protect it.

I’ve always wanted to learn how to use a sword like a Kung fu master like “him”.

But back to the subject at hand. My dreams of dueling out in the lush fields with matching boots will have to wait.

According to Harvard, over 41% healed faster after a fracture using hypnosis.

In both studies, they’ve found that those who undergo hypnosis show signs of 8 weeks of healing, but it being only 6. Ladies, the next time you’re looking to get the puppies remodeled. Hypnosis significantly increased the rate at which they healed.

What that means for the possibilities of human advancement is boundless.


Ever since we’ve begun our “podcast” I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing some really cool entrepreneurs.

In one interview my guest shares how not talking for 10 days at a time gave her clarity. In another interview he grew up as a silent monk.

And they’re not the only ones.

Are we spending too much time even talking. Maybe more moments in silence will help give you a new perspective.

While we were living in Costa Rica, I joined an exercise class on the beach.

Early mornings were perfect!

It was still cool and the sounds of the ocean made it even more possible to fall deeper within my practice.

You ever try to do a split after not doing one in years and balancing not to fall while your focusing on syncing your breath? Yea sure, “this” guy makes it look like a piece of cake.

Your breath provides oxygen to your brain. The more deep the breath the even more beneficial it becomes.

Breathing deep is something you can do all throughout the day. You can even practice it while you pray, read, stretch, work out, jog, or are sitting for a long period of time.

Go ahead, try it with me.

  • 1) make sure your feet are flat firmly against the ground, sit comfortably
  • 2) when you begin to breath in, expand your diaphragm slowly
  • 3) continue to breath out in the same pattern this time contracting your diaphragm
  • Repeat this for a few minutes at a time, each time focusing on a deeper connection.

    After awhile, you find yourself breathing in a meditative, balanced breath, all throughout the day.

    Before you can expect to create a new behavior you must believe it is possible.


    Some would say this is the part where you write your goals down. Although it is an important step this is more on the lines of taking the blue or red pill.

    This can completely shift your world as you know it, so much so, it will shock you. Only to bring you right back to the truth we all create our own realities.

    This is where the fun begins.

    You can actually program your mind to complete tasks, that will increase your physical ability, produce more sales, or even create a whole new way of solving problems.

    In Maxwell Maltz’s book, he noticed the patterns amongst the dozens of studies where an individual was the last one in a physical activity, like running, increased to being one of the best. Knowing this to be a literal science to achieving new results, whatever that may be.

    What would you like to reprogram first?


    Some of the most effective ways to reprogram your mind to achieving a new result do not require a hefty monetary commitment. Many of them are undeniably some of the most powerful assets to restructuring the human belief system and it starts with your desire to change.

    Can you recall the last time you wanted something so badly you were willing to do just about anything to acquire it? What did that feel like? Can you tap into that same desire again?

    Do you want to?

    It may sound like such a simple concept but the reality is, nothing will change if you don’t want it to.

    How many times does it take for you to listen to a song until you are singing along?

    Apply that same repeated action to a new belief system.


    If for example you want to produce more sales. A great way to create a belief system that will help you achieve that is to repeat a mantra that you will produce more sales.


    Because the more times you repeat it, and hear it said, the more likely you are to retain it as truth.

    Once you truly believe it is possible for you to produce more you’ll start to do the things that people who produce more sales would do, your confidence rises and what was once thought to be impossible comes much easier than before.

    Another way to create a positive belief is to eliminate the option of failure.

    If there is no option for you to fail, you cannot fail, unless you quit.

    I’ve read tons of books that mention this, and it wasn’t until I applied it in my own life I realized just how amazing intention really is.

    It’s not enough to have great intentions, but to set intentions that are clear.

    “I want to help people.” is a great intention but the clearer you can define your intentions, the more apt you are to accomplish them.

    “I want to help people experience what freedom of choice really feels like.” This is much clearer and if shared with others, there is no confusion as to what your mission is.

    A lot of people send me emails wanting advice on how to deal with friends and family that do not believe in your vision.

    Before I had my intention clear, people around me had no belief in what I was doing.

    When I got clear about my intention, their demeanor changed.

    When’s the last time you got clear?

    A few years ago, I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do. My vision was something like, “I want to help people”.

    When it comes to marketing, this messaging is so vague it actually cripples you. Instead of spreading a wider net, you actually create a smaller net because people have no idea who you are talking to.

    The more detailed, clear, and to the point your mission statement is, the more people it will attract to want to work with you.

    Take advertising for example.

    Most communities will ask you for your target demographic.

    Are the people you want to reach:

      male or female
      high school graduates or university grads
      Are they young or wise in years?
      do they own a home?
      are the self employed? employee? looking for an opportunity?
      savvy internet user or a novice?
      located in or outside of the united states?
      do they have children? married?

    The more you know about the people you want to reach, the easier it will be to tailor your message around them.

    Another way to program your mind is through repetitive action.

    Doing something over and over until it becomes a habit, that with time, will become something you do without over thinking.

    For bloggers, it could be writing a new blog post.

    Don’t get me wrong, of course life always seems to get in the way, when it comes to the things we know we should be doing.

    There is a distinct difference though between people who set time aside each day to complete their daily tasks and those who make excuses for it and put it off till the next day.

    Is it their biological makeup that makes them super efficient or is it their clear intention?

    We all know the answer but somehow we seem to forget we have the choice. To do or not to. Once you’ve made that choice, even subconsciously, your actions will reflect it.

    I have never made a BlissTalk TV episode public after the initial airing except for “this” one time. In it, I shared a technique I use to create content.

    A technique that takes just a few minutes, allows me to organize the information before I begin writing. By the time I do start writing, it’s like the article is practically written and all I have to do is type it out.

    It makes it a lot easier to make sure I hit my goals.

    What is one way you can think to help you create a habit over time?

    Think about this, even write down your ideas as you come up with them, and start putting them to use. The ones that aren’t effective, dish them, and the ones that are, perfect them over time.

    Relatively, most people have a fear of speaking on stage.

    I don’t know what it is about standing in front of a crowd, regardless of size, that has people sweating bullets, sputtering over their words, and weakening at the knees.

    Whatever it is, it can be overcome.

    The first time I got on a stage, I was in the fourth grade. My music teacher discovered that I could sing one day in class and gave me a solo for our school play.

    Although my voice sounded confident, she had no idea that my fear was so strong, when I opened my mouth, my voice was as a quiet as a mouse. Almost like a whisper.

    What happened to the robust, perky voice of the child she fell in love with?

    It was after some time I finally found a technique that worked for me.

    Well….right up until I hit my twenties and found myself staring at a crowd of several thousand people.

    In a hurry, I gave my husband the microphone and proceeded to stand and smile. Stand and smile. “Don’t speak D, just stand here and smile.”

    Those were the words I spoke to myself repeatedly.


    It was at the next event when my husband put my name on the description bio that I felt an overwhelming desire to jolt out of the building. Book a plane ticket back home and hide under the sheets.

    Wanna know what I did just before I got on stage to harness the power of the jitters and transform it into passion?

    I silenced my mind.

    Much easier said than done, I found myself speaking to an audience of several thousand as if they were my close friends.

    All of a sudden the insecurities and fear seemed sub par to the message I was sharing.

    My intention was clear.

    I’ve heard some people say that if you imagine everyone in their underwear that the fear subsides. Well, let me be the one to tell ya’ that, that wasn’t the case for me. Imagining everyone in their underwear had me cracking up nervously. I have such a vivid imagination that I wanted to literally cover my eyes as not to see the privates of the people before me. So before you try that, just remember, imagination can be a very powerful thing.

    Which leads me to the last aspect of reprograming your mind.

    Your imagination is the door to a world of potential and realities you don’t even know exist.

    For every great invention, discovery, or formula was founded from the imagination of someone who believed in it, before they could see it.

    Yes, there are instances where they had no idea what they were looking for, and they just came across it. But more than not, history shows us that those who create, can see it beforehand.

    Can you imagine your vision and intentions clearly? Or are they a blur?

    Something you can do, is set goals (every week, month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 yr) to exercise your imagination and give it clear deadlines it can hit.

    Try writing them down, or printing them out and putting them somewhere you can see them every day and share them with others to keep yourself accountable.

    The next time you have a belief you cannot do something, or you have lost faith in your visions, remember what you’ve read in this post.

    Bookmark This Page so you can come back to it, and share in the comments any tips you have for those wanting to create a shift in the way they think.

    It is a whole lot easier to say, “I want to make more money” but we forget making more money is in direct correlation to the skills we have developed, and the value we share with others.

    It then becomes, “I want to help share value with more people helping them tap into their best selfs”.

    Just as when I stood on stage and realized it is not about me but about the message, the same way you can create the type of life you would love to live.

    From selling more product, to being a better athlete, or creating positive belief systems that serve us. Our minds hold the potential to unlock this and so much more.

    The best part is, you don’t have to pay for it. You were already born with it.

    So go ahead. Start imagining what you want and who you would help.

    Your mind is as powerful as you train it to be.

    With love and light,