How To Attract What You Want In Life

In this blog, I am going to talk about a subject many people find mysterious and for that reason, it eludes them all together. They continue attracting the same situations and experiences over and over again when they want to attract something new.

I am going to reveal:
1) How to attract what you truly want rather than the things you don’t want
2) How to focus on the bigger picture even though you don’t see it all yet

Before I begin, I must mention these principles are not new. Nowadays it is commonly referred to as the law of attraction. Even before this phrased was coined thought innovators like Albert Einstein, knew quite well the power of our thoughts and intention.


Now that we’ve got out of the way. How do we even begin switching out our thoughts for ones that inspire and attract awesomeness?

I didn’t even know I was filling my mind with crummy thoughts until it was pointed out to me.

It was the first time I was exposed to something like this. It was over 8 years ago and I sat in the front row, as a guy dressed in a suit shared with the room how we could change our lives if we believed in ourselves and thought differently.

I went home that evening so excited!!!

Who doesn’t want to attract really awesome experiences into their life?

But as the days went by, life just got to me. It was really hard trying to be positive when I could point out so much that was going wrong.

It wouldn’t be until years later, I would find the missing piece to actually thinking positively.

Do you want to know what that is?

It was two things:

The 2 Major Components To Success

I started focusing more on surrounding myself with people who had longterm goals and plans. I swapped out my nightly television intake for a book. The more I revamped my life with positivity and education, the stronger the belief in myself grew.

As I would read the heroes journey in the books, I began identifying with them and my thoughts changed to, “that could be me!”.

That’s not the whole piece though.

Having a vision can be easily overlooked.

If you were anything like I was, you can relate to feeling overworked, under-appreciated and just plain tired.

Through it all though, I had a dream.

Being a woman, especially in an industry where the top producers are male, can be disheartening at times.

How do you even hold onto your vision when some of the men you are to look up to, are preconditioned to ignore and downplay the ideas, suggestions or resources from women?

Wanna know how I did it?

It may seem like the simplest advice ever for not losing sight of your vision but here it is.


Yep, that’s right. The best way to plow forward to your vision is to ignore those who don’t help propel you there. For every one person who will stifle your growth, there are two people waiting for a partnership like yours to flourish in.

Think about it. The most pressure and critical judgement we receive is from our own selves.

A vision is only as powerful as the action behind it. Surround yourself with people who genuinely want to see you succeed.

I was speaking to a woman earlier this week, as she shared with me the plights with her mentor. As she grew in her own personal development, her vision for her business and her life evolved. She no longer wanted to do things the way she had been doing them for so long.

What do you think her mentor told her?

As she weeped on the telephone with me, I could tell this was eating her up inside and that if she didn’t DO something, this could be a really big problem.

My advice, “follow your heart. Anything in life worth accomplishing requires passion. Take your time, find what you are passionate about and then run with it.”

The point of this blog is this, you will attract what you are passionate about.

Even if you aren’t quite sure what it is, a good place to start is with your thoughts.

Remember, you can attract exactly what you want, if you want it bad enough.

With love,