How to Attract The Right Customers To You

By August 17, 2017Blog

To the untrained business owner, the growing swarm of new businesses and products coming online can be intimidating. After all, if there are more products, then that means more competition right?

That’s why what I share in this week’s article will blow many of my readers away.
If you guessed the more products, the more competition, allow me to show you how, with the right message, you can eliminate competition in the first place.
It all starts with speaking to the right people in the first place. Imagine sharing your product with a group of people who are looking for what you have. When this happens, things like developing your message become easy.
Begin by evaluating your product. Who is your product made for? What do they use it for? Can they use it for something else to? Can you show someone how to use it in a video? Can a child use it?
Asking ourselves these questions, can help us to know how to share our product. Whether in video, photos or in descriptions along with images. Social media, which happens to be the largest advertising platforms, make it so easy to share our products dynamically.
Once you have all this, start to think about what age range your audience could be in. Before you tell me, everyone is best suited for your product of every age range. You should know, advertising this way can be costly. Many advertising platforms, like the largest advertising social media platforms actually charge you more for advertising to broad audiences.
If you want to do it right and be cost effective. This will allow to, over a period of time, see what is best working for your business. First determine, smaller audiences, specific groups of people your product is best suited for. Speak to them directly and show them how your product fulfills their needs or solves a demand.
This is the way effective advertising is done.
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