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By January 9, 2015Laws Of Business

It’s been over a week since my last post here on the blog and for that I apologize. My intention is to provide you, my readers, my friends, with consistent articles of information about personal power, life as an entrepreneur and the ramblings of a mom on a mission.

During the holidays, I let the non alcoholic eggnog and the cheer of family pull me away.

It is nice sometimes to fall into the arms of those who love us. But I don’t want you to think I don’t love you too.

Life's blessings family

It is now the time when reality starts setting in and those people who still have decorations on their house are getting stares from the neighbors.

I don’t blame them. I mean, who wouldn’t want to hold on to the cheer of the holidays?

But there’s a time for everything and right now, it’s time to make some money. lol

I present to you, Seven Ways To Get Your Business In Profit Within 30 Days.

Disclaimer: Some of these techniques may require knowledge or skill in a particular field and others may require a monetary investment or budget. Keep this in mind before you read this blog.

I would hate for you to think that is the digital equivalent to a scratch off card. This isn’t the lottery honey, this is business.

Let’s get to it shall we?


There are two types of people in the world. Those who see opportunity and those who don’t. It has been my belief, ever since watching the movie, The Secret, that our lives are being determined by our thoughts.

From the whispering under our breath of, “I can’t do this.” to being confined in our own mind that “I’m not that lucky.” or “I wish that was me.”

I’m sure you could think of many more but thoughts like these are detrimental to our faith and goals in the future.

And it’s not just enough to think positive thoughts but you must place action towards what it is you want.

It is with action we are able to develop a habit and this habit will help us to achieve our goals.

On a top seven list of ways to make more money, it’s not haphazardly I placed this as the first to making money quickly.

The power of your mind is so powerful, that once you tap into it, your entire paradigm will shift. From what you do, to why you do it, to what you believe. They all connect to your mind and how you think.


When I first started out online, about 9 years ago, Google wasn’t releasing exotic animal updates.

The blogging game was a little different back then, maybe even easier, in some ways, and more difficult in others. One thing remains the same, search engines love unique content.

Imagine a child with a never-ending supply of their favorite flavor of ice cream…Keep that image in your head. Okay, got it?

That’s how us bloggers use to feel back in the day. Nowadays, these animal updates got us feeling like a zebra being hunted by a lion.

ok ok…It may not be that dramatic but it sure was an easy way to get you to visualize it eh? Ok, here’s my point. Things constantly change, update, evolve, or get left behind.

The best thing you can do to get in profit quickly, is to keep an open mind. Once you think you know it all, you’re capped out, and in an industry where things are always evolving, that is a very dangerous place to be.

Always evolve.


I want this guide to be actionable steps you can take to get the results you’re looking for. Let me share a story with you of a fellow entrepreneur named Nicole who locked arms with my husband and I.

A corporate mom with a vision of staying home with her family, AND earn an income too.

This is a snapshot of what she posted on Facebook.

Nicole Barham with D & Justin Verrengia

Here’s why I share it. She began with no experience. None. Zip. Nada. To now, making more than literally most people in the country do in one month.

Did she marry a basketball player? Nope. Did she rob a bank? Nope. Did she sell her organs on the black market to some shady men? Nope.

What did she do you ask? She advertised.

This is one aspect of running a business that many people overlook. They get started, read all the books, listen to the calls, get inspired, and then they are at a standstill when it comes to advertising.

A multi-billion dollar company, advertises. Nike, advertises. The NFL, advertises. Pepsi, advertises. Yes, that drink next to you, they do too.

So why don’t you?

Is it because you aren’t taking your business seriously so you’re treating it like a hobby that you’re wishing will somehow magically turn you into a millionaire?

Or is it because you don’t have the budget to?

I’m assuming that if you’re on my blog, you’re definitely not the waiting around for magic to make you rich type but more toward the “I dont know how to advertise”.

Well, before I share with you how to advertise your business. Let me nip this misconception of not having enough in the butt right now.

Did you know, that Nicole’s results above were achieved with an advertising budget of less than ten dollars a day? Yep, just ten bucks.

Using Facebook, you can actually set up an ad just starting at a few dollars. The thing you’ll want to do is make sure you can be consistent.

Combined with informational posts on her Facebook she grasped the attention of those seeking what she offers. She’s engaging, responsive, and just being herself.

In this course, she learned how to do pay per click advertising.

That’s how she did it. Can you do that? Sure you can!


When we think of someone who works from home, what comes to your mind?

Are you imagining a tan hippie with a laptop on a hammock, or does a young version of Jobs comes to mind, glasses and all.

Allow me to hand you the red pill, and show you the true impression once and for all. I am laying in bed, next to my daughter, in my underwear, afraid to type too loudly as I might wake her. lol just keeping it real 🙂

In a few weeks my husband and I will be in Las Vegas. This will be our second time going. What you may not see in the pictures is what it took for us to get there. You see, out of tens of thousands of affiliates we are within the circle of less than fifteen people who crossed the million dollar mark.

There was a time, when we stayed up for hours, working, making calls, writing, just to get our business going. We forgot to eat lunch because we were so plugged in.

Change is fueled by commitment.

We were so committed to our dreams that we were willing to work day and night for it.

How committed are you?


You just got started in your business. You don’t have a list and you haven’t learned how to market yourself online yet. What do you do? How do you get into profit before you get into debt?

3 Steps to Sell More Without Selling

Talk to your friends. I repeat the words, talk to, don’t sell.

Just because you’ve begun a new business doesn’t mean you’re a bonafide salesperson. Entrepreneurs have many skills but the most important one is knowing when to speak.

When you talk to your friends, don’t make your objective to get them in the business. Most people don’t want to be sold. It must be their own idea.

Instead, share with them your excitement, for the product, tools or service. Share with them your vision. Tell them why you are doing this. You’re not asking for them to understand, or their permission, you’re seeking their support.

After all, these are people who love you. Even if they don’t understand what you are doing. I’ve found that if you make it a point to show them this is something you are taking seriously, they will too.

What goes to a few questions about how you got started, goes to a, “where can I sign up?”.

Listen more, talk less. The more you hear what people have to say, the more apt you are to retain more of that information, and find a realistic solution to their problem.

Listen, take your time, and find the solution to the problems of those around you.

It’s an amazing feeling when you’re able to help the ones you love.


Did you know you have a niche of people just waiting to buy from you?

Yep, it’s true!

They’re all just that close to the edge and all they are waiting for, is you.

How do you reach them? What do you say?

Just as you came here, on my blog, to find more ways to make your business profitable. There are people out there just ready for you to share your story with them.

You can reach them by blogging, consistently. Then sharing your blog with your email subscribers. Always providing ever fresh content. Keeping you, right where you belong, in their faces.

The phrase, out of sight out of mind, is a chant all bloggers should know. I’m not saying to get it tattooed across your forehead or anything, but it’s definitely something you don’t want to forget.

I subscribed to Oprah’s website. A woman who has pioneered the television industry by being true to herself, she is someone who I admire greatly.

From the day I subscribed, I get emails, most of them not selling anything directly. More like articles on self improvement and connecting to one’s self.

Every single day I see her name in my inbox. Each and every day.

It took me less than two weeks and I made a purchase.

Blog. Send it to your subscribers. Share on social media. Repeat.

Don’t forget, a picture is worth a thousand words.


You can flip investment quickly, by networking with other people. One of the best forms of advertising, across many different industries, is word of mouth.

The more consumers who refer their friends and family to you, the more long term relationships you can create.

What’s the best way to provide your audience with fresh, solution based content? Here’s what a very successful entrepreneur we interviewed for our podcast said.

She shared how, by being genuine and providing the solution to those she admired their work, they began wanting to work with her.

(Our podcast hasn’t gone live yet but when it does, I’ll be sure to add link to the interview.)

Hearing that made my mind start racing with ideas. I’ve already created a list of ways I can implement it into my own business. It’s something so simple to do, that anyone with a passion can do it.

That leads me to close this blog on this note. In life, we come across different moments in time, some in the past, some we are experiencing right now, and those we long for in the future.

For myself, I’ve found the wise saying to be true, “What we experience tomorrow, is what we were willing to work for today.”

Peace, love and homemade applesauce,