Are you making sales online every day in your business?

By October 7, 2015Laws Of Business



Are you making sales online every day in your business?

Would you like to generate more leads, reach more customers and expand your client base? No matter what industry your business is in from music, real estate to investment opportunities I’ll show you how I have built my 7 figure business using free platforms like social media.

What if you could get your products and services in front of real ready-to-buy customers? What difference would an extra 1-3 sales daily mean in your business? What if you could scale up as big as you want?

On a visit to see a friend, we learned a method to increase conversions. Before then my husband and I were stuck. Our business hit a plateau and although we made sales every day, we knew we could take our business further. We just didn’t have the right information.

So when our friend taught us this we were literally so excited to implement it. We stayed with our friend Aaron for about a week, enjoying great company, laughing and living it up in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. When we went home, we had a new mission in our business.

Would you like to learn what simple technique he taught us that helped us to increase conversions?

I know there are some of you reading this who are saying, “Oh yeah!” and will take this information, put it on a shelf and never utilize it. Then there are some of you who will read this, who are like me, and put it to use immediately.

Within a few moments on my page anyone can tell I love video. I’m the traveler with a camera phone in one hand, baby in another and a camera bag on my arm. While we were climbing the great wall of China, I was taking shots of the view in between breaths. In Colombia I had to buy an external hard drive just for the videos I was taking every day. Just recently we spent a month in Bali and I filled up my husband’s phone storage just with videos. LOL!

So one can say, I do really love taking videos, watching videos, everything about videos. But as a business owner, I really love leveraging video. In today’s economy, most business is being done digitally, wirelessly and remotely. People are connecting at record speeds from opposite sides of the globe easily online. This innovation to communication is something that many small business owners know of but ask yourself honestly.

Are you utilizing video in your small business in a way that is maximizing your results?

So here’s another question for ya. Do you make sales of your business, products or services as you are sleeping? Well I do and I’ll show you how. You won’t have to wait till my free online workshop that is coming up or even till the next live event. I’ll tell you right now…if you want to know.

The one method my friend taught us that increased conversions was to use a bridge video. You may ask, what is a bridge video and how can it increase conversions in my business?

Typically, people buy from people and brands they know, like and trust. Have you ever entered in your name and email into a website and the next page that loads has a video? That’s a bridge video!!

Usually less than 2 minutes. Always remember, the intention of the bridge video is not to sell your products or services. The purpose of a bridge video is to connect your potential customers to your brand, vision and how it can help them. This is your opportunity to make a connection.

From there you can then forward them to your sales page or offer. Adding this one piece to my funnel increased conversions on a scale I wouldn’t have imagined.

Even without increasing traffic, I was getting the same amount of traffic but making more sales when we implemented this.

That is why I am doing this online workshop you can watch from home. I’ll be sharing with you how I build my business using social media.

Things like how I:
-generate hundreds of quality leads daily using social media
-expand my reach to get more eyeballs on my content
-position my brand to connect to the right audience who is ready-to-buy
-and so much more!

You can learn more about the workshop by going to

I do things a bit different than other online workshops. I want to know what you are struggling with when it comes to getting traffic to your business and I will answer your questions live on the workshop. Once you register for the workshop, post it in the comments below or send me a message.

Oh, and there can only be a 1,000 people with us live, which may seem like a lot but trust me it will fill up fast. For your next webinar, be there at least ten minutes early. These free workshops are better than the ones others charge thousands for, so be there ready for change and willing to make it happen.

Before you ask, there will not be replays. I love to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs so I only do these live. If you miss it, you miss out. So don’t miss the next workshop. 🙂

With love & light,