Ecommerce Introduction with Rissa Sanchez of Ecom University

By September 27, 2017Events

Ecommerce is a trending topic online for good reason. You have brands emerging one day and within a few years are building a global customer base.

At our last event in Costa Rica, Ecommerce store owner and Trainer, Rissa Sanchez agreed to fly out and share with our attendees how to build a solid ecommerce business from scratch.

She is a great reminder to what we can easily forget as business owners.

There is always time to learn something new.

She taught the attendees what to look for, how to craft their store, even design, and things like how to find products, how to find good vendors and everything they needed to know about building an online store.

I wanted to share an inside peek with you, in case you didn’t get to attend the last event, or if you’d like more information about Ecommerce.

Want mote information about the next event?

Meet us there.

Although this video was taken at a Women Of Bliss event, which is mainly women and married couples. The upcoming event is a Lifestyle Alchemy event, which is for men & women business owners. We have an incredible list of A-List speakers for this event. Some of which are even flying in as far as Israel to be there!

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Rissa Sanchez
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