Never let what people think you can’t do, stop you.

There are some pretty graphic videos and images out here on Facebook. One security cam took footage so appalling, it’s effect on me will forever sculpt the way I view discipline.

I know many people don’t really understand what I do. You see my videos of inspiration, astounded by me being married to a real life Jedi.

Here’s what you don’t see:
Someone who embraces change so much so, they thrive in its element.

Think about it.

When’s the last time you changed your shampoo, let alone something like your job or what you do on Monday mornings? The most powerful moments are those when we discover something NEW about ourselves and those we attract around us.

In simple terms:
I’m a dream artist. An entrepreneur, book author, philanthropist who specializes in helping others spark their inner passion.

For example, what if you’re the person who has amazing passion for teaching but is unaware, the international market is booming and with innovations like conference video calling; any subject, in any language can be taught digitally?

Looking for a job and not finding any luck filling out application after application? Do you believe if you knew how to get your resumé in front of hundreds, even thousands of potential employers… would be helpful to you in finding a job?

These are just some of the things I wish were taught on Monday mornings in our children’s school; but maybe one day soon…

Anyhow, it is possible for you to do these things and I can show you how or connect you to the people that can. My purpose in life is to help YOU live out what you are passionate about.

Have you ever been to a nursing home during the late hours of the night? There are no visitors, the place is quiet with an occasional patient singing or talking to a nurse.

Many of them lay sleeping as the staff that changes their diapers, hums a happy tune as she walks them to use the bathroom.

I don’t think I was born to help only people who want to do a specific thing. I feel in my bones I was born to roar, a sound of freedom. To help others tap into their passion, no matter if you want to knit and sew all day or you write your kids books or you’re looking for a position you have a ton of PASSION for.

That’s the thing.

If you have PASSION.

Well that, my friend, is my speciality. Feel free to share your vision with me in a message or a comment. The more I take time to meditate, the more this quote has so much meaning to me.

“Never let what people think you can’t do, stop you.”

Your know you have passion for what you do when you can’t possibly see yourself doing anything else.

With love,