As the night sky darkens and the deer begin to prance across our yard, our little girl sleeps in her bassinet in our bedroom. When she was born every mother warned me of not letting her sleep in the bed with us.

Now at the big 4 months, I see, through the mistakes of other mothers just how important that tip really is. Bonds broken, sleepless nights, and all-time high stress levels is what goes through their mind.

Would it have been easier just to instill the habit early on instead of fixing it later?

It seems that we all make the same mistakes in life as well. The opportunities to chase our dreams seem further and further away. We watch others who are reaching their goals in awe, as if that could never be us.

Why must we consume our time fulfilling someone else’s dream as we watch the hours tick by? I should be able to turn on the television and find examples of love and outreach, but instead I find hate and their trying to indoctrinate me! I could be enraged. I was inspired. To not just make a change but to be be the change.

What a ride it has been helping setting humanity free! That’s why coming to Charlotte, North Carolina June 27-29th is something not to be missed. In life, we only have a few chances, moments of pure gold, miracles, where timing and opportunity coincide. Charlotte is one of those times.

I’ll be there, along side my husband, Justin, and our baby girl. We won’t be there alone. About two thousand energetic, passionate, hungry, pumped up entrepreneurs will be there to experience the Impact firsthand this event will have, not only in our industry, but for mankind.

Perfect timing. Unless you don’t meet us there. I wish there were more hours in the day because I would love to work with & mentor everybody but there are only 24 hours in a day and I am a mere human. (Or am I?) For that reason, I can only work with the people directly who make a commitment to show up in Charlotte, and Get All In.

It is not our drive or our ideas that is most valuable, it is our time. If you aren’t willing to do what it takes to get to Charlotte, then you’re not the person I am looking to work with. There are choices in life, and instead of backing down and crawling away. There are moments where we must, stand tall, racing forward to the goals and dreams ahead of us.

I want to work with the woman who looks in the mirror and yearns to find a way to help others. I want to help the man who gazes at his children with joy and wonders how he will afford the life ahead. I want to help the young woman who is full steam ahead of her dreams but needs some direction. I want to help the people, who speak different languages, live in different countries, but who all share a common tongue of love and peace.

This year will be bigger. This is the year, in record numbers, more household income’s will cross a million dollars. This year, there will be those who caught the wave and those who watched it. This is the line being drawn in the sand. You’re either coming or you’re not.¬†

Don’t let this one pass by.
D & Justin Verrengia