Characteristics Of Successful Entrepreneurs

By December 11, 2014Laws Of Business

Are there unique characteristics of successful entrepreneurs?

After readings alot of books, hearing the success stories, and interviewing entrepreneurs. In this blog, I will share with you a few of the common characteristics of successful entrepreneurs I have noticed.

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In the course, I go over 4 ways to influence more people.

One of the common characteristics of successful entrepreneurs is having, and being able to create an influence to other people.

Whether it be to their immediate circle to later developing into millions of people around the world.

Let’s talk about how they were able to gain that influence in the first place.

Many people who are successful, speak about their journey, in terms of a before and after.

Before, they achieved success and life after achieving it.

One common denominator between the two?

Is their strong belief, they would indeed reach success.

Without a shadow of a doubt they just knew.

Do you have that unwavering belief in your own goals?

A few more characteristics of successful entrepreneurs are their uncanny ability to own their weirdness, and to give away resources.

The definition of weird, suggesting something supernatural, implies they might not be of this earth. 😛

Do you know of any weird quirk or habit of anyone successful?

I just learned the other day, Mark Zuckerburg likes to only eat the meat of the animals he kills himself.

Depending on where you’re from, this could be the norm or a very strange way to live considering you can just go and buy a burger from the local grocery store.

What makes you unique and informal? Whatever it is, embrace it.

It appears the more one makes, the more they give away.

I know for myself, this is entirely fact.

In taxes alone, Uncle Sam sees alot more coming his way, the more successful my business is.

When I decided to write Make This Year Your Best Year (link down below), it wasn’t until I wrote the first chapter, I had decided to give away the profits.

Life has shown us, time and time again, there is nothing out there you can’t do if you put your mind to it.

These characteristics of successful entrepreneurs are a guide to remind you, what is possible if you don’t quit.

Remember, you don’t get to the dreams you quit on.

With love and light,

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