Avoid These 5 Time-Management Blunders

By December 18, 2014Laws Of Business

When you ask anyone what they could use more of, they almost always answer; time.

And who could blame em!

We could all use a few more productive hours in the day.

How do you finish your days?

Successfully accomplished or downright drained.

In this article, I’m going to share with you five ways to manage your time better.

Get more done, set up your next day for success, and feel the weight of life lift off your shoulders.

Are You Making These Time-Management


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We All Have 24 Hours In One Day


The worst mistake any one can make is believing they don’t have enough time in the first place.

During an event I spoke at, a woman had stated, “I don’t have enough time.”

In this post, you can read more about how I guided the transformational thought, “I have more than enough time.”

Here’s why that’s important.

Your day and what you do during it, is based upon what you find important, subconsciously.

Think about this the next time you’ve come to notice you didn’t do what you had set out to do.


Doing That AND That AND That Too, Could Make You Less Efficient


Did you know, multi tasking can actually make you take even longer to complete a task?

It’s true. With a 40% decline across the board amongst multitaskers, more than 50% of multitaskers experience longer to accomplish a task , and up to 50% of multitaskers make more errors.

It takes more than twenty-five minutes, on average, to resume an interrupted task.

Do you work at home like me and reading those statistics have your head spinning?

Not to worry. Clear communication can help you create blocks of time.

When you are doing a task, try to allocate the time it’ll take you to get it done.

Then, don’t make yourself available during that time. No phone calls, texts, facebook surfing, nada.

Multitasking at its finest, is a mantra in our society. It’ll take time for you to develop the habit and focus.

But once you do, those around you will thank you for it.


Set Your Clock Ahead


If you find you’re always fashionably late. You might want to consider putting your clock ahead how ever many minutes you are typically late.

So if you’re usually 15 minutes, add fifteen minutes to your clock, and now you’ll be early!

Now, in a perfect world, this would work for everyone.

The truth is, it is way too easy for you to just take even more time. Now that you’ve given yourself a few minutes!

This will depend on your personality to really seek change.

Otherwise, the other tips on this page may suit you just fine.


Write Down What You Need To Do


Depending on your industry, you may call these, income producing activities. (Anytime we reference it, we’ll use ICO’s for short)

Make a list of your ICO’s and tackle that list for the day.

Your ICO’s list comprises of actions that yield monetary gain. Whether this is from your blog, like mine, that offers affiliate links to products or services.

Or going off line to on line and building a new responsive on line customer base.

The people who don’t see success in their small business, it’s probably because they aren’t doing this or doing it wrong.

What you do with your time, says volumes


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Are You Procrastinating?


Well if you are, stop that.

Once you know you’re procrastinating you can work on ways to improve it.

OK it might be a little more easier typed than done.

Or is it?

Here and here, it is recommended that taking a break, even a nap could drive productivity up.

And trust me, you’re not the only one plagued with a knack for idleness.

The whole point of this article is to bring you actionable ways to overcome it.

So if you use any of these techniques or find them useful, share this article with a friend.

Now back I go to playing patty cake with my 10 month old.

Writing from home and loving it,