Are You Where You Want To Be?

By October 3, 2017Events

It’s Time To Stop Settling
Please don’t make the mistake of glossing over that question. Will you answer it?

There’s something you should know about me. Regardless of how much I make, how many stages I speak on, or how many exotic locations I get to experience. I have never “arrived”. For I know, there is always more I can learn.

For that reason, if you don’t think you have anything to learn, let me be clear. I am not speaking with you.

Right now, I want to talk with the business owners who are willing to learn and implement something new.

We will walk you through things like:

  • Making Sales on Social Media
  • Copywriting
  • Video Marketing
  • Public Speaking
  • Funnels & Website Creation
  • Sales Funnels
  • And so much more!
  • The next event is for entrepreneurs of all backgrounds, ages and sex. It’s a Lifestyle Alchemy event. Which means we will be teaching you how to reign not only in business, and in life too!

    Get Your Ticket(s) Now

    Do not wait. We all know the new year will be upon us before we know it.

    Need childcare? Every VIP ticket comes with childcare for up to 1 child, for both days, included. Have more than 1? Just give us a call or quick text with your order confirmation. (The number is on this page.)

    For me, it was attending events that shifted my business into high gear. The excuses I made held me back. You know the ones…

    Like instead of spending the money on things like a hotel, I would stay home and utilize my time learning. But what I didn’t realize is, it is from the people at the event I need to be learning from.

    I also made connections at the event with like-minded entrepreneurs. This was absolutely pivotal to my success.

    I now had people who could help me hold myself accountable. We could share what is working for us, and I had even more people I could reach out to when I was confused on how-to do something.

    What makes this event so different though is the way it is structured. It is designed to put the power back into your hands.

    Choose up to 8 thirty minute sessions each day. Create your schedule for the 2 days, based upon what you really want to learn.

    For example, at 11:00AM you could choose between Website Creation & Copywriting Basics. Where after the provided lunch, you can choose to take the class you missed earlier or choose an entirely new class!

    If you take all eight sessions, for the two days, that up to 16 sessions!

    We are doing this, to allow you to decide what you want to learn most based on what your business needs. To see a list of all the marketing sessions, click here.

    Here’s the thing though, seating is quite limited. And at the incredibly affordable rate the tickets are being sold at, there is no doubt we will sell out.

    What type of person are you?

    Are you the type that likes to say you want to do something, but you put it to the side for so long that by the time you notice. It is now too late. Tickets are sold out, or have raised drastically in price and waiting on things like hotel and airfare, we know doesn’t pay.

    Or are the type of person who knows what they want, and your actions show it? That’s me. Back in the day, I didn’t have the resources to buy last minute airfare and hotel rooms. I had to budget it in with what I was already doing so I needed time.

    Even now in my life, that we can just point at a map and go anywhere. I feel so blessed. But I also will not underestimate the power of planning and getting ready for what’s ahead.

    Especially, now that I am a mother and wife. What I don’t plan for, generally doesn’t get done.

    Can you relate to that at all?

    This is why, we share the upcoming event with you now. No excuses. Hey, we’re even saying bring the kiddos with you this time!

    What we are doing here is different.

    My husband, Justin, and I have helped many students over the years create substantial businesses and brands. We’ve walked people, from scratch, with no experience at all, to having clients that earn seven figures.

    The reason we have been able to do that consistently for several years now is because we have mastered the art of being a student.

    Yes, there are things we are quite good at when it comes to our businesses. We also know some incredible individuals who know alot more than us and have mastered different skills.

    These are the people I want to introduce you to. To learn from them, hear their stories and see that there is more than one way to accomplish your goals. You just have to learn from the people actually doing it first.

    The line in the sand will be drawn.

    This event is only for business owners who are ready to level up.

    We don’t call it Lifestyle Alchemy for nothin’.

    It’s time your business level up. Click here to get started.