Are You Really Going To Eat That?

Hanging red lamps are everywhere. Colorful in their tale with different colored paint on the walls, tall, old buildings. Each one with various shops and malls inside of them.

As you walk down the street, your eyes can’t help but to notice the outside merchants and dealers. They sit outside of the shops right on the sidewalk. Each peddling their own gadgets, cloth, toys, cell phone cases, and a sight that when some think of it, their stomach gets in knots.

But I’ll get into that later…

We had spent all day finishing errands and somehow we ended up on this street. There were malls of fabric, painted masks, and odds and ends you’d never see anywhere else but there.

Dress Shopping In China

The deeper we walked in, more and more the streets appeared narrower and more items were being pushed in our faces. After all, we are foreigners and to some, that could be mean nothing more than a very wealthy customer.

Even the children in the street played their part. Each speaking rapidly in mandarin, the only words I could pick up, were “foreigner” and “American”. I followed one of them into a shop that sold silk, scarves, pants, detailed embroidered shirts, and Asian inspired fashion.

I got so lost in trying on different outfits that when the gentlemen walked into the store with a scorpion on a stick, I hadn’t noticed. It was seeing him take a bite of it that made me squirm.

The music was loud, and it was coming from every direction. It was almost as if the one with the loudest music would attract the most customers, and these shopkeepers had no problem turning it up.

Memo to self. Get ear plugs.

What Does Your Diet Say About You?

And there they were, wiggling, legs going crazy, just right there on a stick. My face must have been quite transparent, because the more I stared, the more antics the shop keeper was willing to do to focus my attention. I just watched him eat a scorpion. Is that a thick, worm on that stick? Oh no. I don’t want to try it. Thank you though.

I giggled and walked away.

I didn’t see them myself, but I heard stories of restaurants with dog paws piled in the windows to show they serve the canine. Out of curiosity, one day while I was teaching a class of about 100 students, I had asked them if it was common to eat dog meat.

As some of the class erupted in laughter, there were a few who proudly admitted it. One story stuck to me till this day.

He begins to tell me of a time when his family had a dog as a pet. But the dog became ill, and they knew he would die. Feeling sad to be losing a part of their family, they decided to eat their dog.

Yep, you read that correctly.

As a way to remember his dog. He ate him.

What about you?

Do you hold such nostalgic meanings to the foods you eat or are you sitting around in the drive thru waiting to be served?

A recent post on my Facebook timeline left me saddened. It was the gruesome details to the procuring of rabbit fur. As a child I had two pet rabbits that I adored. I couldn’t imagine breaking their necks, and tearing their skins off their body while they screamed just because I want a fur coat.

But then again, what is this coming from a Florida girl anyway.

Maybe it’s because I grew up in a house where our meat was prepared on our own land for food that I find myself disgusted with the process of causing harm just to achieve a certain look.

If being naked wasn’t illegal, I’d probably just wear my skin.

What do you think? What are your thoughts on the subject?

I’d love to hear them in the comments below!