Why does society make it so hard to reach another level?

By October 30, 2015Coaching

Why does society make it so hard to reach another level?

Right! Wherever we go, from school to the workplace and even those we love there are limitations placed on us.

Is it better to be protected from failure or is better to experience the other side of it?

I say, it should be one’s choice but here’s the sad truth.

Most people do not feel like they are entitled to make those decisions until they feel it is too late. They reach a point in their lives that they demand more and are willing to do what it takes.

They also do not have access to the right information and tools to achieve what they desire.

That is why my husband and I do what we do.

Besides speaking on stages, live events, and working with small business owners like you, some of the people I work with get on one of the free online workshops I do and they leave wanting to generate leads and start marketing but they are left at a standstill.


They don’t have a product to market in the first place!

For example, years ago when I first started being in business for myself, the first few products I marketed were not my own. I found out a few of the brands I love to use have an affiliate program that allowed me to earn income whenever someone made a purchase using my link.

Depending on the payout this business model can be a great way for you to tap into a small business without having to lease a building, hire employees, and high expenses.

That is the magic and the curse about business on the Internet. The idea one can “work in their underwear” leads a bunch of people down a path of unrealistic results and they usually quit before they even had a chance.

I want to end that cycle once and for all.

This offer is only for people who:
-are currently looking for a great affiliate brand with exceptional products
-would like to get paid from their efforts and time on social media
-are ready within 24 hours to invest $10,000 or more into this business
-can follow directions precisely as they are given

I get it. Many people are used to the smoke and allure, then you click and they got you! Listen, I watched Chuckie as a kid and just because it’s the season I still do not appreciate being tricked to death.

What my husband Justin Verrengia and I will share with you is the next level. We will work with you personally and literally build your business alongside you. That way, you not only benefit from your own efforts as we guide you but ours as well!!

We are looking for people who are ready right now to run with us. This type of take-you-by-the-hand, show you what we do is not typically done in 7 figure businesses. Yea sure, you can always look up the specs on a company and find out how many employees they have on payroll but the things you really want to know..

You know, those things that if you knew them…well, things would be different wouldn’t they? And we all know you only learn those things when you are in the trenches, working, making things happen.

So here’s what I am going to do for the people to contact me with the words, “I’M IN, D!”. Not only will we help guide you to the level of success you choose, I will connect you to my personal team. The same experts who run my campaigns, craft incredible videos, and my advisors are available to you to make sure we not only get you the results you want but help you learn how to keep them and duplicate them over long periods of time.

We are only looking for people who are here to stay for the long haul.

One step at a time, until you take the first step then it’s game on.

Why does society make it so hard to reach another level?

With love & light,