D Verrengia is passionately helping entrepreneurs all over the world step into their power. Through personalized solutions she brings proven strategies into the homes of every dreamer.

D Verrengia is a top media influencer, neuro linguistics practitioner, and an innovator to unique ideas. She specializes in teaching the language of communication, social marketing with digital media and lead generation.

Verrengia’s quick thinking and openness to push the limits has landed her to making the hard decisions in her business and personal life. Is now a founder in Enlightened Entrepreneurs and strives in providing personalized solutions to the entrepreneur of today.

As a public speaker, her witty charm makes the upfront-info-punch that much sweeter as she is known for telling you “what-you-need-to-hear”.

With her expansive vacation schedule and her own growing businesses. She is proud to welcome interns to the team. This program allows enthusiastic local applicants to work alongside Verrengia and learn from her directly. Her interns have been known to turn around with what they have learned and sold more of their products as a result.

In the past 8 years online, her husband, Justin, and D Verrengia trail blaze a path to freedom through doing what you love. Her certification and on going education in Neuro Lingusitics, Time Line Therapy®, and Hypnosis can help those who are ready to double their income, enhance sales performance or communicate better with those around them accomplish their goals more swiftly, easily and effortlessly.