9 Ways To Live Your Ideal Lifestyle

By December 16, 2014Laws Of Business

When we first arrived in China, it was the furthest, in my life, up until that point, I had ever been away from home.

By the time I blogged about our trip to Thailand, I had visited many of the countries I’ve read about in books.

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The other day, as I was, oddly enough, stretching my lower back. I thought of an idea to create the most extensive guide to living the dream lifestyle.

Many of the entrepreneurs I have featured, I have never met. It is through their direct impact, not only in business, but in the way we live life.

From successful restauranteurs to young tech billionaires, each of them teaches us how to draft up, visualize, create, and sustain a successful business.

9 Thing You Should Know

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1-It All Starts With ONE Idea

Steve Jobs had said once,

“I’m as proud of what we don’t do as I am of what we do.”

This really is the essence of being an entrepreneur. It is what we do with that idea that sets the pace.

An entrepreneur is a person who takes those thoughts and turns them into ideas that later make shifts in the world.

As you find a new way, apply focus, and stick to one idea. Master it.

Running a business, even a home business where you earn a few extra hundred dollars a month, takes a lot of work.

My hope for you after reading this guide. You have more than enough knowledge to live your dreams, big or small.

2-Are You In Business?

One of the worst mistakes I see entrepreneurs do, is they treat their business like a hobby.

Whether you’re an affiliate marketer, blogger, an independent contractor, or a jack of all trades. Taking the time to do all those little things, will make doing business a lot simpler in the long run. Especially if you want to do things like, expand to other countries, or bring new products to the marketplace.

People love to buy from a brand they trust. Show you’re here for the long haul by structuring your business for it.

3-Do You Have A Vision?

During the first few coaching sessions, my clients are always surprised at how they break down their walls with me.

Things that they weren’t conscious of knowing about themselves, governed their decisions. There’s a specific exercise we do.

Together, we dig to their core to find their “why”. The reason why they want their ultimate lifestyle. For who? For what? Do you really want it?

Usually an emotional experience, they come to the realization of what their vision is. Having clarity on this, the “how” no longer seems as important.

4-Quit The Right Things

Now, being the youngest female billionaire in the world. No one would ever guess this medical genius, is also a drop out.

Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos, quit at 19, when she started the company. After telling one of her professors her plans, he knew she would be successful.

“It was in her eyes”.

It’s real easy to get distracted, and put focus elsewhere. Instead, remove as many distractions around you that will not help you reach your desired outcome.

The more distractions you can remove, the more focus you can apply to becoming successful.

5-Making Lists Can Save You Money

When you get an idea, write it down.

If you have a task to do, write it down.

By the time, you come back from that walk and drink your green tea, that idea could be long gone.

Keep yourself productive, move forward quicker and always keep a pen and notepad with you.

I believe strongly in all of the tips outlined in this guide, and have found many of them to be successful for me personally. I’ve kept a planner, or a notebook for years. I actually brainstormed this guide using three different notebooks. Going back and forth to each one, merging thoughts into ideas.

On Etsy there are some great finds. That’s where I found this bindery for notebooks.

6-Save At Least 20% Of Your Income

Many of the tech billionaires we see are still driving modest cars with millions in the bank.

Why is that?

They know the value of saving their money.

Buying trinkets, and stuff to show off is not going to get you the lifestyle you want.

Hold your horses and don’t waste the money you make.

Save what you can, invest, and keep working.

7-Diversification Is Smart

To complete that sentence. Diversification is smart, when you have the skills and resources to do so.

Doing so too early can lead to multiple sources of debt quickly.

Make your focused idea profitable, then it makes sense to diversify into more.

If you fail, it’s only because you quit.

8-Become The Founder, Not The Employee

Many first time business owners get their roles mixed up.

In the beginning, you may not have enough profits to hire employees. It is not an entrepreneurial crime for you to do many things yourself.

When a successful real estate investor was asked about his success, he credited it to his ability to learn how to put up drywall, draw up floor plans, install tiling, paint, and just about anything that could be done without the need of electrical or water knowledge.

He did this in the beginning until he was profitable.

Which leads me right to the next tip.

9-Your Profits Are Best Used Reinvested

Just like the successful real estate investor, who reinvested his profits back into his business.

If you want to be successful, you’ll have to do the same.

Have a tip of your own to share? Post them in the comments below.

With love and light,