After unwinding from our month long vacation in Bali, Indonesia. I’ve had some time to overcome the jetlag and put together some cool tools to help you with your travel ideas and plans. Before we get into that, the last place I thought to receive a 24K gold facial would be the scooter filled streets of Canggu, Bali.

Canggu is most definitely a surfer town. With many local businesses catering to their clientele with space to hang or lay surf boards, showers where one can wash off the sand from catching the waves, and with complete open views you won’t miss the beach. One place that does this so well is Old Man’s. Each night is a reason to get together and the good food keeps you coming back.

Don’t let the stray dogs scare you. Although there are many of them roaming the streets, they tend to just chill and do their own thing. Even the ones who seem ferocious appear to be all bark. Although, just before we arrived a taxi shared with us a government sanctioned massive shooting of dogs happened not too long ago due to a rabies outbreak. I suggest using caution.

When you walk inside of Gold Dust to your right are carefully chosen articles of clothing hanging delicately with matching jewelry on them. Their handmade, leather sandals are fashionable and unique to their store. It’s when you take a look to the left things start to get interesting. There is a staircase that leads to a whole other floor. More clothes? Natural beauty products? A spa oasis? Bingo. Upstairs is a chic ultra relaxed vibe with soft music playing. In each individual treatment room, setting like the music, temperature, lights and ambiance can be adjusted to suit your needs for the day. Usually things in Bali are quite affordable but if you’re looking for a $5 massage this isn’t the place. Prices similar to the going rates of the United States but the experience is worth it. They offer services to facials, massages, pedicures, manicures, gel pedis and manis, kids service, and have take home masks, lotions, scrubs, and oils you can use at your own leisure. Gold Dust is currently the only spa in Bali to offer this luxurious 24K gold facial.

While in Canggu we stayed at several places.

One of our favorite hotels included villas with private pools, indoor/outdoor living and natural elements like trees in your shower. On Expedia we were able to find rooms at the Bali Dream Villas for $100-$150/night. If that is above what you’d like to spend a night they also offer standard rooms reveling the same details as their villas without the private pool and living room/dining room area from anywhere to $30-$50 a night.

I’ll share our itinerary and our do’s and don’t while in Bali soon. For now, check out this video about my next free online workshop. I’ll be on live showing you how I generate quality leads on social media.

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D Verrengia drinking coconut in Bali

Old Man’s restaurant
Gold Dust spa

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