A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

By January 28, 2015Coaching, Inspiration

A picture is worth 1000 words

It is said, “a picture is worth a thousand words.

At the event, our team member Rhonda brought up many of the tribe.

When you look at this photo. What do you see?

A true leader is someone who understands the more they try to not support another, the more they cripple themselves.

Are you just looking at over 70 people on a stage or do you see the fears, trials and judgements they’ve overcome? Do you see the countless hours they’ve spent working, building relationships, and developing new skills?

Do you see the sheer determination they kept when others quit? Do you see the ridicule and jealousy from others they’ve jumped over to help lead other people to freedom?

Do you see the cup they’ve emptied to make room for more knowledge?

Any person can call themselves a leader. But this photo is a true depiction of what it takes.

Every thing in life can be a risk. A risk well taken or a risk well learned. A true leader is someone who is inspired by another’s success.

Thank you to my friends Aaron & David for always being great examples of that.

A true leader is someone who understands the more they try to not support another, the more they cripple themselves.

A true leader is someone who takes others with them on the way up.

A true leader is a person who holds on to the idea that freedom is deserved by all.

A true leader is a person who stands up for others.

A true leader is a person who isn’t afraid to lock arms with other leaders.

Our industry comes with a lot of strife. Some of it warranted because it’s something society doesn’t commonly teach in schools. But just because it isn’t taught in your university doesn’t mean it’s not viable.

Just because other people may hate doesn’t mean you should quit.

Something my husband, Justin taught me from observing him interacting with others is to show love to everybody.

The next time you find yourself about to criticize, judge or be jealous. Remember this photo. Remind yourself there is nothing that separates you from the people in this photo.

Remind yourself if you are willing to work like they did then this too can be you and your team. Remind yourself that friendships in this industry aren’t made because of how much money you make or who got in first but because of the individual you are.

Huge shout outs to our friends Anna & Alex for taking the competition by storm. You deserve it!

Remind yourself there is nothing you can’t accomplish if you believe in yourself. Remind yourself that data, numbers and statistics will never replace the fuel that passion, commitment and belief have.

Much love to Kimberly and Paul for tearing up the boards and all the people you will led to freedom.

Remind yourself that the energy you exude onto others comes right back to you. Remind yourself that what you see in this photo is a reflection of you.

I love you,


At our private mastermind we taught techniques to help you implement success even quicker.

We had special guests with multi-million dollar brick and mortar businesses who shared their plan and how to execute it.

While my husband and I spoke, I chose a select group of people for a 30 day transformational journey.

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I’m really excited about this. Because I know the greatest feats in life are first done in the mind before they appear in reality.

On that note, be mindful of what you think and what you allow others to input into your mind.

For if in your business you don’t have the results you want, then take responsibility and shift your mind.

“There is no good in having a dream if you can’t live it.”