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Lets talk about what is currently working.

D Verrengia specializes in teaching businesses three components she claims are the keys to any business online. For once you master attaining quality traffic to your offer you can make sales to virtually any product online.

These key components are:

  • How To Connect To Their Ideal Audience
  • Social Media Marketing & PPC For Businesses
  • Conquering Lead Generation

For the past 10+ years in business online, D and her team continue to prove they know what they are doing. Crushing leaderboards in multiple opportunities, their unique skill at driving targeted traffic has lead them to building one of the largest teams of light workers in the industry.

This expertise, she has applied in her own business has given her a whole new approach when working with her clients. Her strategy is simple. By cutting out all the fluff, and teaching you only the applicable steps that produce results. This, coupled with her expertise of advertising, video and webpages.  She is able to teach you how to generate leads on social media and how to convert more sales consistently. She aims to help business owners connect to their audience by sharing their story.

What makes D different? Experience. Alongside her business partner and husband, Justin, they continue to dominate as top producers. This shows you they know what they are doing. This firsthand experience allows those who work with them, a transparent view on what it takes to run a business online.

Teamed up with some of the best in the industry when it comes to film, photography, content creation and digital media. D and her team strive to provide those who work with them a complete business makeover.

So regardless if it is private coaching to discover how to create a website that converts high quality leads or if it’s an exclusive ticket to a women’s retreat in Cancun, Mexico. D Verrengia brings you a real approach to what is working.

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Lona Perkins Testimonial

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Protected: The Missing Pieces

July 12, 2017

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D Verrengia is

passionately helping entrepreneurs all over the world step into their power. Through personalized solutions she brings proven strategies into the homes of every dreamer. Imagine, realigning your goals and having a clear route to achieve them. This is just part of what D and her team are dedicated to helping her students do. Shift your reality, create lasting results and live life on your own terms. You deserve freedom and you're in the right spot.


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